Stan & Jane are back and so is a dark, twisted bit of their past!

Pieces of You is aptly titled as a killer from Stan’s past is literally back, right out of his nightmares and it is glorious. This is Cosgrove’s most twisted serial killer yet and he’s absolutely brilliantly designed. With Julian on their side perhaps they’ll catch him this time… or perhaps Julian will get hurt too.. you won’t get any spoilers out of me but truly – this is the best Stan Brookshire installment yet.

I’ve long-awaited this Book 4 and it was worth the wait.

The formatting is professional and the cover is BEAUTIFUL and perfectly fitting.
I highly recommend this book.
Characters are complex, brilliantly designed masterpieces and the book is a fast, fun read.

~Lacie, from

Praise for “Pieces of You”, Stan Brookshire Novels #4

Sacrifice of Innocence is such a great novel! I can’t wait for the others to follow! I am a huge fan of Law and Order SVU, and this book is better– 100 times better than the show! I could not put the kindle down until I finished it!

I am going to quote another reviewer, hope he/she doesn’t mind. I do agree with this reviewer about this quote, “the villains follow a deity of a Mesoamerican faith but they are not Mesoamerican in heritage.” It would have been nice for that to be explained.

However, it really wasn’t a huge deal to me. There is no telling how the villains found out about this deity. The internet, perhaps? People have followed crazier things from the internet.

Great job, Allison. Keep ’em coming!

~Cary, from

Praise for “Sacrifice of Innocence”, Stan Brookshire Novels #1

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