4.5 rounding up.
This story was really good for a love match between opposite worlds. Though this was classified as a romance it was the suspension, action, and idea behind the story that really sucked me in. I cannot wait for Den of Thieves book two to hit the market.

~Alyssa, from Amazon.com

Praise for “Diamonds”, Den of Thieves #1

I was given this book by the author as a gift. Another great read from Allison Cosgrove!!!! I love Detective Stan Brookshire’s character. I find him hilarious with his relationships with Jane and Julian. He is compassionate and very dedicated to what he believes in and will go to any lengths to solve the cases he is investigating. I can’t wait to read more…keep them coming Allison!!!!

~Kindle Customer, from Amazon.com

Praise for “Dragon Twins”, Stan Brookshire Novels #2

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