Allison Cosgrove throws Detective Stan Brookshire and Jane Trinity head long into the newest case of murder and kidnap of prominent Chu family’s seventeen year old daughter Jade. Things get complicated as Detective Brookshire’s sixth sense tells him the Chu family is holding back vital information needed to find their daughter. Then within the hour they find out there was a botched kidnapping and murder across town with the same MO as the Chu case. Now they must unravel the twisted mystery of the two cases with the help of the latest kidnap victim Julian before Jade is lost to them forever.

~Sue, from

Praise for “Dragon Twins”, Stan Brookshire Novels #2

Interesting plot and some very likeable characters. But the author has a tendency to move the story along by presenting a lot of information in conversations between the two detectives working on the case. In the end that is annoying and slows down the book.

~Anna, from

Praise for “Dragon Twins”, Stan Brookshire Novels #2

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