Short: He Was Dying

Something went wrong! In 1000 words or less! Enjoy

He was dying. That’s all there was to it.
He had to be. His body was being racked with wave after wave of spasms. And it was cold. So very cold. A cold that ran deep in his very blood itself.
He didn’t know how He ended up there. Where ever there was. His mind couldn’t even figure that much out as the pain came again.
One minute he was fine, and the next he wasn’t.
His brain was still trying to comprehend what was happening to his body.
He remembered going to bed the night before. And from what he could tell when he opened his eyes between the waves of pain, it was still dark.
Or maybe it was just that his eyes had stopped working.
The pain was coming on stronger and stronger. Then there was the nausea. It was almost unbearable.
Cold so cold, his mind raced.
What was happening to me? Why was it happening to me? He had everything in life to live for!
He had the nice car and nice house. We lived hen a nice affluent neighborhood, with little to no crime and people who actually looked after their property.
He had the perfect family. His children were smart, they attended the best schools. They were perfectly well behaved kids.
His wife was the most beautiful thing he have every laid eyes on and many men were jealous of me because of that. Their wives had gone downhill after every child they had. His had only gotten more beautiful, as if being a mother had brought out more and more of her beauty.
He even had the best job! Everyday He was able to help clean up the streets of the beautiful city that we lived hen. He work as the city prosecutor and had just finished a high profile case that had seen some of the biggest local mafia members sent off to prison.
His life was perfect! Why was this happening?
Again the spasms over took his body and He groaned loudly.
“Honey?” his beautiful wife’s sleep soaked voice cut through the darkness.
All he could do was groan again.
“Honey?” her voice came again through the darkness this theme he could hear the concern hen her voice as the sleep fell away.
He wanted to scream out to her how much pain he was hen but every theme he opened his mouth he felt his gorge rise and he had to close his mouth to fight to keep it down.
He groaned again and felt her roll over beside him and turn on the light before turning back to him.
“Honey! What is wrong?” She asked her eyes searching his face.
He just shook his head as his body was racked by another wave of spasms.
“You didn’t eat that turkey hen the fridge did you?”
He stopped moving and thought about it. He had fixed himself a turkey sandwich before retiring to bed that night.
He nodded slowly as his mind thought back and remembered what his wife had said about the turkey.
It was his twelve year old son’s science experiment.
He just made it to the bathroom.

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