Where Do You Go To Reconnect?

I just finished off the final camping trip with my kids this week and I am finding myself quite creatively recharged. I have spent a quarter of my summer living out of a tent and a duffle bag. The inside of my van has so much sand in it Im thinking of building a sandcastle with it all. And the brain is recharged and firing all thrusters in perfect harmony.

For me getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city tends to get my creative juices flowing especially if they have been stagnant for a while. Which in more recent months they havent quite been that bad off but the urge to write was generally over-shadowed by the need to take care of everything else under the sun. It is the hardest part for me being a writer and a mother. But if I can get that reset every so often then I can somehow keep the thoughts fresh and give myself the creative energy needed to write.

Not eveyone gets their creativity flowing the same way. I know some authors have certian places in public (like coffee shops or libraries) that they go to on a regular basis to get their creative energy going. Others still have a place in their house that is set up just right for their writing.

Where do you go to reconnect with your muse and get things rolling again?

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