Why did I write a bunch of books?

I don’t know that there is one distinct reason that I wrote a bunch of books other than the fact that the voices in my head told me their stories and forced me to share them with the general public.

Joking aside however my journey to being a published author wasn’t as straight forward as that statement would make it seem.

I started out writing detective stories when I was twelve years old. I loved making the good guys win and the bad guys get caught by their own buffoonery.  I did however create a main character who’s life had been modeled after my own young life in that she had been through a lot and bore a lot of emotional and physical scars as a result.

I was quite proud of her really. That much I do remember.  I was proud because she did something I hoped I would be able to do one day. Overcome the demons of my past and make of myself something that people could be proud of. She was what I hoped I would grow up to be.

I remember one day taking my story in to school to show my eighth grade English teacher. It was a few notebooks long and from what I can remember had a full plot, so a beginning, middle and an ending. My teacher hated it. For whatever reason she told me it wasn’t believable at all, that no one could possibly go through all that my main character had and still come out the way I depicted her.

Believing that I had once again failed I didn’t write again for a good number of years.

It wasn’t until my best friend and I were out one night sitting on the patio at our favorite coffee shop and she asked me what was one thing I had always wanted to do but had never done yet.  For reasons I can not explain I answered write a book.

It was in March or April of 2006 that I started writing again. My first full novel, Sacrifice of Innocence, was born out of that conversation. The next few years I poured out more and more novels ( There are 10 so far in this series). Writing is now as natural to me as breathing and drinking coffee. It is also a need just like breathing and drinking coffee is to me. I don’t know that I could ever not write again really and truly.

For the record, my main character this time around, is just like me, been through the wars and has the battle scars to prove it. But he also knows that its those battle scars that make him the man he is today. Just like I know the scars I bear make me the writer I am today.

So why did you write a book? Where does your inspiration come from?

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