Word On The Street ~ A Day In Review

Well a week and some later I am finally up to writing about this rather interesting day! Truth be told I’ve been extremely busy with all things in my world and have not had the time to devote to giving this post the time it deserves.

So what was it like being at the book festival?

Interesting. New. Exciting. Tiring.

First off it was cold. I mean down right cold. Shockingly cold for only being September, end of September but still should not have been cold enough for me to be wearing gloves most of the day. And it rained. Not the entire day, but it gave us two good soakings and by the time the second one was done having its way with us I was ready to pack up and go home.

Tired. Cold. Damp. Three things I dont like being.


On a bright note I sold a few books, met some other awesome authors and had the pleasure of sharing a booth with a nationally syndicated advise columnist. The first thing she and I found in common as we huddled around our coffee mugs after our husband and my kids left was that we were both immensely relieved to not have had to spend the day with a pompous arrogant fool. It only got better from there.

In the end. I was happy I made the leap of faith and went. Honestly it was the best experience, despite the cold and the rain, that I have had with my book. It all felt real. Not to mention my awesome hometown friends and family who popped by with warm coffee and words of encouragement for me throughout the day.

Thank you again everyone who made it out and even those who didn’t get the chance to but whose heart was with me!

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