Q & A with Vonda Norwood

My latest “victim” is a dear indie buddy of mine who never ceases to put a smile on my face not matter how rough my day has been! Without further ado allow me to introduce Ms Vonda Norwood!

What would your bio say?
Vonda Norwood was born, she fantasized about stories that-which entertained her and then she wrote all about them.

When did you start writing and why?
I was in the 3rd grade. Wanted to see a different storyline of the Flinstones, so I recalled hearing someone once say, “If you don’t like what you see, hear or what is happening around you, write what you do want”. So I did. And have – ever since.

If you are a parent how does being a parent affect your writing and writing habits? Or does it?
LOLOLOL Well, I am a parent and a mother is – who I am and what I do. Everything comes last. So means, I don’t have a writing habit.. no order in which to tweet or anything else. I squeeze in the writing, tweeting, emailing and blogging, in between all the “mom, guess what.. mom, did you see this.. what’s for dinner.. where’s my missing sock.. I can’t find the remote..” and many more ETCs… That’s why I sound like I’m always rushed. CUZ I AM 😀

Who is your favorite author and why?
I honestly can’t say who is my favorite author.

What do you hope to accomplish with your writing?
Man!.. That’s a good question for me right now!!! As far as writing goes, I had never thought to accomplish anything other than being able to share my writing. Whether it be a novel, short story and now – my first poem. But lately, I have acquired thoughts to accomplish. I have an erotica series that I am working on, my initial goal was to teach myself to be able to simply describe. Describing anything, action, a room, or even a lamp is difficult for me. Describing something to a reader, so that the reader can visualize it, stressed me out so much, it would take me hours to describe nearly anything. I didn’t have an action/adventure story in mind and I don’t want to attempt horror. I believed an erotica series would be the best way for me to put describing, not only nouns but actions, to work for me and improve. But… now that I have written the first book in the series (and made sure that my main character IS a noun over-stater) I am finding that I have a new goal with the series and that is – to explore different ideas of not only sex and sexuality, but sexual excitement and idea of what sexual satisfaction is and how all of that plays a roll in the development of our personalities. My 1st book focuses on the visual and interactions of the characters. My 2nd book – “A Girl’s Best Friend” – due out before mid’ October, will focus on voyeurism and sexual frustration. The fact that my goal has become to explore isn’t new to me. What is new, are the effects of what is explored and how the effects can create positive and or negative behavioral changes in my characters. So, now my goal with this erotica series is to be able to show how we all sexually influence each other’s ideas of sexual excitement and what we believe to be sexual satisfaction. I didn’t know this, when I started writing the series, but I do now!!! Thank you for asking!!! 😀

Traditional or Self publishing? Why?
I self publish.I know of nothing else.

Talk about your journey into the wide world of publishing
I write stories, my eldest daughter told me that I could self-publish on amazon, so I did. Then she told me that I could advertise via Twitter and so I am.

Tell us about your book (s)
First, let me tell you about my poem. Days later, and I’m still surprised by the fact that I wrote a poem!!! I never thought I could write one. I’ve tried to write poems, but wasn’t able to. Never thought my mind would just create one, but it did! The title is “Talk To Me”. This is my first poem: http://ow.ly/dHhXg

“Facebook breaks up marriages.lol” Is a romantic comedy about a woman who is reminded that she still has romantic and sexual feelings. It’s basically a comedy about how she tries to communicate with the one man she believes she’s sexually obsessed with, via facebook. It’s a happy story of silliness and romance.

“Indie Authors Make Better Lovers” is a sexual comedy, but not erotica. It is my idea of sharing my own sexual fantasy. It’s the true story of me fantasizing and writing it out.

“The Door On The Left” is my first book of my erotica series. My favorite blurbs for this story are: “She just wants his body, he wants his question answered” and “Nobody gets BOUND, GAGGED, BEATEN or TORTURED but.. My characters still find a way to take turns – dominating the heck outta each other”. 😀

My latest short story, is what they call a ‘shorty’. The title is “It’s Igloo Time Baby” and it’s only a 5 page read. This short story is special to me, because my goal here was to pretend that I was a man who was being sexually teased too much by his co-worker. Due to a blizzard and traffic accident, they have to use an igloo for shelter – where they finally work out their differences. This is sexually explicit. I even use cuss words in this story. Probably too many :-/ LOLOLOL

What inspired you to write these books (or in this genre)?
I love to imagine what-ever entertains my mind and I love to share those stories with anyone who wants to be entertained! “Facebook breaks up marriages.lol” Was written for the fun of it and so was “Indie Authors Make Better Lovers” When I was trying to promote my F.B. Book, there was a LOT of talk about how I was online to play “let’s chat Mister” with the men. The rumors were very disruptive and aggravating to me, so I got a few obnoxious thoughts and decided to write out a true sexual fantasy of mine. Not only to give people something real to talk about, but to see if I could do it. I had TOO MUCH FUN doing it too! With my erotica series – I planned that series to force myself to deal with my lack of experience as a writer and entertain myself while learning 😀 With “It’s igloo time baby”, I wanted to write a very short story. Decided to write a completely sexually gratuitous story and then, I decided to write it in first-person – as a man telling his story. Sometimes writing something just to see if ya can, is reason enough for me.

Tell us why we should love or hate your main character?
“Facebook breaks up marriages.lol”, My main character is Liz Peebles. She’s easy to identify with, even when she gets a little nutsy. She has a big heart and is desperate to share it with her Kenny. “Indie Authors Make Better Lovers” I am my main character and the ridiculousness of that, alone, should lead ya to a love-hate kinda thing toward me 😀 LOLOLOLOL “The Door On The Left” I haven’t met anyone who says they hate Alison. She’s too curious and human to hate her. She’s a major noun – over-stater, but that gives a reader a way to get to know her as an individual. Most writers might cringe as she over-states, but it makes me laugh and in truth, I am writing – what is entertaining to me. I never start typing up a story trying to find words, actions, plots ETC… that might entertain someone else. I figure, if it entertains me, it might entertain someone else. I could be very wrong, but when all is said and done, I got to experience a story that-which I truly enjoyed. 😀 Ok now, with my shorty-story, “It’s Igloo Time Baby”, I’m gonna tell you how it developed: The idea of an Igloo, came from my good friend @sag4444 aka Stan Grimes. Months ago, he mentioned how he would only be able to escape the heat, by living in an igloo. He and I had a lot of fun joking about an igloo and I always turn everything into a salacious matter, so one thought led to the next.. Then while trying to find my erotica book via genre search on amazon and smashwords and not being able to, along with people talking about writing shorty-stories, I decided to use the igloo idea and create a totally, sexually-gratuitous story. I think the story is hysterically funny!!! I like it. 😀 Do you know how hard it was to find a reason to put 2 people in an igloo? Without making the story about how or why they are in that igloo? LOLOLOL It was tuff! Until I decided to just make it ridiculous. Funny, huh? Ridiculousness can make things easier on ya. LOLOLOL And I could see where someone might hate my main character, he puts up with too much, but gotta love the way he quickly learned to stop doing that. ;-D

Do(es) your book(s) have a soundtrack?


Thank a bunch for the insight into your world Vonda!

If you want to keep track of the wonderful Vonda you can catch her on her website.

You can find her writing by hopping on over to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Smashwords!


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