WIP Mondays ~ Dragon Twins

Hi Everyone!

Last Thursday I mentioned that I would be posting bits from Dragon Twins, the second book in my LCPD series. This weeks bit is where we meet the other teen in this book. Id love to hear your thoughts on this!



A red sports car roared down the road towards the housing complex at the end of the dead end street. It was a quiet night except for the loud music that emanated from the car. It was a mixture of hip hop and classic rock.  The car rocked and swayed as it went over the speed bumps that signaled the entrance to the complex.

Julian didn’t know why but every time his best friend Larry-or Lawrence M. Wallace as he was known to his parents-went over those speed bumps he always felt a wave of nausea. He supposed that it was a form of sea sickness, but he couldn’t be sure as he never had been on a boat before.

They pulled up in front of Julian’s house and sat there for a moment watching the peaceful street. It was almost twelve-thirty on a Friday night. The street was empty of cars and people alike. It was almost a picture perfect night. The moon shined brightly in the sky.

“Hey man that was a great movie wasn’t it? I loved the special effects they used!” Larry sudden exclaimed snapped Julian out of his revere.

“I know it was pretty amazing,” Julian agreed. “I think I want to learn how they do all that stuff, when I go to college next year.”

“Yeah that would be cool. It would definitely be something to look into, but do you think that is wise going into that kind of stuff? Unless you are really good at what you do it won’t make you a lot of money.”

“I know that, but I was thinking as a hobby or something. But I will study computer programming and just do that in my spare time. You never know I could be seen by someone and be the next big name in computer animatronics.”

“Yeah day dreams are nice aren’t they?” Larry said wistfully.

Julian punched his friend in the shoulder. “You ass!”

Larry burst into howls of laughter as he hunched over the steering wheel.

“You are coming to pick me up tomorrow right?” Julian said opening the door to get out. “We can’t be late for work again tomorrow. You know that right?”

“You never know Julian. Someone might ‘notice’ you tonight and you might not need your job anymore.”

“Oh go suck an egg would you!”, Julian said as he got out of the car and slammed the door. Before he left, he stuck his head in the window to say one last thing to Larry, “Don’t forget dude. Ten o’clock, and no later or we will never make it to work on time. The boss will really have our heads this time if we don’t.”

“Yeah, yeah I know I know already!”

“Alright then. Later dude.” Julian said. He started up the walkway to his house.

He watched from the front porch as his friend roared off down the road again. Shaking his head his pulled out his door keys and opened the door and let him self in. The house was dead quiet and blanketed in darkness.

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