WIP Mondays ~ Dragon Twins

Hi Again! Its WIP Monday again! Here were speaking with the parents of the first teen. Let me know what you think!



He checked his notes. “Mr Chu? I am Detective Brookshire and this is Detective Trinity. We are going to be the ones in charge of working on this case. We were wondering if we could ask you a few questions.”

The gentleman was a dark-haired man with a kindly face and dark brown eyes. He was dressed in a dark suit and tie and a crisp white shirt with a high collar. He looked up from his wife’s hands and answered softly, “Yes of course you can, Detective. Anything we can do to help we will.”

Stan looked over at Jane who gave him the go ahead to start with his questions.

“What can you tell us about what happened here tonight? Try and start at the beginning and work from there.”

“My wife and I went out around six o’clock. We had reservations at WooYangs for seven o’clock. We were meeting up with some of my business partners for dinner. You can check with the restaurant if you like to confirm what I am saying. I would be happy to get you the number to–“

“That’s alright Mr. Chu. We will have someone look into that later. Just continue on with what you are saying for now. Let us worry about details like that later. Go on.” Jane said interrupting him in an effort not to let him get sidetracked. The man was obviously disturbed by the night’s events, and rightfully so.

“We ate and returned home at about midnight. When we came in we called for Ms. Liu to bring us a night cap and when she didn’t respond to the call I went to try and find her. I thought maybe she had fallen asleep somewhere.

She was getting older and took frequent naps at odd hours of the day. When I walked into the kitchen I noticed a foul odor and saw the splashes of blood everywhere. I checked on Ms. Liu and when I realized that she was dead I called the police. That’s also around the time that I realized that my daughter was not in the house anymore either.”

“Does your daughter usually go out with her friends late at night? Maybe she decided to go over to one of her friends homes for the night?” Stan asked trying to make sense of what he was hearing.

“No Detective, we are very strict about that sort of thing. We don’t allow her to stay out overnight anywhere, and she usually calls us if she is going out in the evening with her friends. She had told us before we left that she was going to be home studying tonight. She is going to be taking an SAT entrance exam for college and university soon.”

“Alright. So where do you think she might have gone? Maybe a friend’s house and just didn’t call? Maybe she forgot?”  Jane asked. “I know my sons sometimes forget to call us when they go over to friend’s houses.”

“No Detective. It is not like her at all. She is very responsible. I believe that someone has taken her.”

“Who? Who do you think would take her?” Stan asked surprised that he would be so ready to accept that his daughter had been kidnapped, and would be able to put the idea across so bluntly.

“I don’t know Detective. If I did believe me I would tell you. My wife is beside herself with grief. Our daughter is precious to us, you understand. She is our only child.”

“I understand completely Mr. Chu. And you can rest assured that we are going to do everything possible to find her and bring her home safe and sound to you and your wife.” Stan said looking over the petit Mrs. Chu.

She was a slight woman maybe feet tall if that. It was hard to tell her height because she was sitting down. She had long straight black hair that fell just past her shoulders in layers.

She was wore a traditional bright aqua blue dress with gold embroidery of dragons on it. She sat there and stared at her hands, not even looking up to show that she was listening to the conversation.

“Do you have a picture of your daughter that we could have? A recent one if you have one. The most recent preferably.” Jane asked.

“If you want to come with me Detective …Trinity is it?… and I will get you what you need.” The man rose up and motioned to Jane to follow him.

Stan stood there for a moment before he sat down in the chair that Officer Demmin had vacated. When He sat there quietly as he watched her for a moment. Then he spoke softly.

“Mrs. Chu? I need to ask you a few questions about your daughter. I know you are upset. That’s alright. But it is best if we get this while it is fresh rather than to wait a while.”

The woman sat there for a moment and Stan was just about to say something more, when she raised her head and looked into his eyes. Her eyes we red rimmed and puffy. It was obvious she had cried quite a bit while the detectives spoke.

He could see oceans of pain in her eyes, but he saw something else there that shocked him. He also saw a well of strength that bore deep within her soul.

“Ask anything you want Detective. I will do my best to help you any way you can. I will do everything I can and I will not rest until our daughter is safe, home with us again and her captors are brought to justice.”

“You have my word that the Lake City police will not rest either until your daughter is safe at home. I can say also that I hope this is nothing more than a misunderstanding and that she is safe and sound somewhere with one of her friends. But if what your husband says is accurate, then there might be something else going on. So I would like to start with your daughter’s full name and birth date and we will work from there.”


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