WIP Mondays ~ Dragon Twins

This week we catch up with Jade again…



A sharp jolt woke Jade from her slumber. In her disorientated state she realized that she was being carried. When she tried to move she discovered that she was bound and gagged and stuffed into a confined space. Then it hit her.

The memories rushed back. She was studying for her SAT test in her room. Then she heard Ms Liu scream from downstairs in the kitchen. She had gotten up from her chair and was about to leave the room to go and see what had happened to here.

At the same time her door burst open and two men wearing ski masks had come into the room. They spoke not a word to her but grabbed her poked her with a needle. That was the last thing she remembered. Until now that was.

Now her best guess was that she was in the trunk of her captors car and they were headed somewhere. She had no idea how long she had been out for, but she knew it couldn’t have been too long as there wasn’t very much light coming in through the cracks of the trunk lid. Just the occasional flash of light flickered when the car passed under a street light.

She lay there listening trying to discern any noises she could hear that would give her any indication of where she was and who had taken her. They were on a long road with no noticeable curves in it. Could be a highway for all she knew.

Highway to where though? Her mind raced.  And  who are these people? Why do they want me? What were they going to do with me when they get to where ever it was that they were taking me?

She closed her eyes and willed her pounding heart to slow down. She continued to fight against the rising tide of panic as she further realized what was happening to her.

Were they after money? Was that what this was all about? Her father was a very rich and important business man in Beijing.

Was she going to be held for ransom? Would her father have the money to pay for it? If he didn’t what would they do then? Kill her? Sell her into slavery? What if her father did pay it? Would they then let her go? Or would they kill her anyway?

The thoughts and questions raced through her head at an alarming rate, despite her efforts to calm down. She also could not quell the rapid beating of her heart.

Then a thought struck her. She remembered a class she had taken in personal safety and self defense. They had said something about if you were ever locked in a truck of a car you should try and kick out one of the back tail lights and stick you hand or foot out the hole. Then hopefully someone traveling behind the car would see you and call the police.

She didn’t know if it was going to work. She knew nothing of cars, and didn’t know if she would even be able to find a way to dislodge the tail light without being heard. That was the other thing. What would they do to her if they heard her thumping around in the trunk?

She thought about it and decided that it was the best solution given the fact that she had no other solution. She had even searched around to try and find something to use a weapon when they stopped the car.

This is when she learned that the trunk was completely empty except for her. The tail light trick was the only thing she could try for the moment.  

She slide her foot out of one of her slippers and felt along the end of the trunk, trying to figure out where she would kick to get it out. She pushed here and there until she felt something give a little bit.

Shortly after she slipped her slipper back on and pulled her foot back as far as she could. She gave it a good kick and almost screamed. The kick had certainly hurt her more than it had done any good at dislodging the tail light.

She started to cry. It wasn’t going to work. She didn’t have enough strength to get it out in one kick. Besides if she tried again she really was going to hurt her foot, which was still throbbing painfully.

When I get out of here I am going to tell that teacher that his brilliant idea didn’t work. She thought bitterly. That is if I get out of here!

She lay there and pondered some more. Maybe it won’t come out if it kick it but maybe I could push it out with my hands. Maybe pry it loose and then push it out. She quickly located the one that was nearest to her head and started to push on it with both hands. It gave a little bit with every push but when she released the pressure it slid back into place.

There has to be a catch or something on this side that will pop it off. She felt along the edges trying to find the points she was looking for. Once she had she applied enough pressure to pop two of them on her first try.

She lay there for another moment catching her breath. She listened for sounds that the driver and passengers had heard her popping the catches on the tail light. She heard nothing.

She took another deep breath and pushed again with all of her strength. She heard a small crack and then the last two gave way and the taillight fell away. When she looked out the opening she saw that they were in fact on a highway and it was still night, as the moon was shining high in the sky.

The other thing she noticed was that the highway stretching out behind them was deserted. Cars or trucks were no longer anywhere in sight. She lay back for a moment trying to think of what she was going to do next.

There way no way for anyone to me now. All she had accomplished was that she had knocked out a tail light, which her captors were sure to notice when the came around to the back of the car to get her.

She watched out the hole at the passing country side. It was mostly fields and had very few off roads or homes.

She must have dozed off again. When she woke up they were turning onto a dirt road and headed away from the highway. This lessoned the chance that the knocked out tail light would do her any good.

Where were they taking me? She frantically wondered.

They soon pulled off the dirt road onto a gravel topped lane and slowed down to a crawl. Shortly after that they came to a complete stop.


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