National Novel Writing Month: End of Week One

Yay! Way to go!

You made it this far! And you HAVEN’T given up the ghost yet! Give yourself a pat on the back! Week one is usually rough because while the week may start out soaring by the end of the week you may have realized that this is more of a daunting task than you had originally planned!

Nothing to worry about folks! Everyone gets there at some point during the month! Some of us do it daily. Each and every year I wonder how I managed to talk myself into going through yet another year of insanity. And every year I find myself glad I did.

Right now you should be at around 11,669 words. Don’t worry too much if you aren’t quite there yet. Its more of a guideline than anything. There is still plenty of time to catch up if you are behind.  By the end of next week you should be somewhere around 25,005 words (and the halfway mark!).

Hang in there this week is going to be rough but I know you all can make it through! 🙂


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