WIP Mondays ~ Dragon Twins

This week we have a look at how Stan and Jane interact with their boss…



Stan chuckled softly and then instantly regretted it. The Chief was giving him a look that said not to push his luck tonight.

“What is it that you find funny now Stan?”

“Sorry, Sir, It’s just that well its interesting how everyone pegs Jane for the details and me for the impressions. Just noticing right that right now. Its funny how when your brain is working on a bunch of different things how it will pick up on odd ball things like that out of nowhere.”

“Well if you can, can you please avoid letting your brain pick up on things not related to this case please? At least for the time being?”

“Yes sir, sorry I…”

“Don’t worry about it. What did your brain pick up on while it was there tonight?”

“Well we got the impression that these are very important people. And that has nothing to do with the mayor’s phone call either. They have a lot of money, and it shows in their appearance and in the appearance of their house.

They are very nice people from what I gathered. Not used to having misfortune rain down on their family. They have one child who is a daughter. They adopted here when they found out that they were unable to have children themselves.

Jade Lai Chu is a senior at her high school. She just turned eighteen at the end of the summer. She is a good kid who has excellent grades. Stays out of trouble and obeys her parents.”

“Alright, so she is the one that is missing?” Tony said accepting a picture of Jade from Jane and looking at it for a moment, before passing it back to her.

“Yes that seems to be the case sir. Both the parents were very adamant about the fact that she always tells them where she is going and when she will be back. Tonight they say that she was suppose to be staying in to study for her SAT’s and her entrance exam. She wouldn’t have left without telling any one.”

“Well if her parents were out? Wouldn’t she have told the housekeeper where she was going?”

“That is a possibility sir,” Jane piped up


“Well when I followed Mr. Chu to get a recent picture of Jade we went past her bedroom sir. And there I found her textbooks out and other evidence that she had been studying tonight.”

“Well it’s not unusual for a teenager to leave things lying about, now is it?”

“It is for her sir. I swear to you the room was as neat as a pin. No clothes lying about, no stacks of CDs and books all over the place. Nothing. It was almost as if she stood up from her desk and vanished. There were no signs of a struggle or anything amiss except for the text books and other studying materials lying open on the desk.”

“Do you agree Stan? That there is no way the girl left that house on her own behest?”

“No sir I don’t believe that she left under her own steam. I think she was taken by surprise and then removed from the premises. She does not strike me as being someone who would play tricks on her parents or try and pull a fast one over them.”

“So there is no chance of this just being a case of her sneaking off to see a boyfriend that her parents don’t approve of?”

“Again sir I don’t think that this is the case.”

“Alright, I’m inclined to believe you guys on this one. You are very rarely wrong when it comes to children. So where are you going from here?”

“Home? To my bed?” Stan knew he was pushing again, but he was tired and just wanted to get out of the office and get home to his bed. He could tell that Jane was feeling the same way as she didn’t even shoot him her usual look.

“Funny Stan, but I get the point. You guys are beat. Go home, rest, and come and see me tomorrow morning at some point. We can talk more about this then when you are fresh.”

They both stood up and said their good nights to the Chief and wearily walked out to their cars.

“You going to be alright to drive home Stan? I can give you a ride if you want” Jane said putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Naw I’m good, and besides you house is in the opposite direction to mine. You need to get home to the guys.”

“Alright if you are sure. You want me to give you a wake up call tomorrow morning?

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