National Novel Writing Month: One More Week To Go…

Well folks we are into the home stretch. Basically one more solid week left before the last day. Its been a rough ride for me Ill admit. I have been playing catch up almost the entire time. I know it is possible to make the come back that I need to and I think that is why I am so lax this year aside from the millions of things that I have had to deal with this month on top of the normal stuff.

But in the end it really isnt the word count that truly matters it is the journey to get there. The triumph despite the odds. This month started with Sandy knocking out our servers at work (US based), then the internet being disrupted by a foolish carrier, a flood at one of the stores, a duel with my publisher which ended in the dissolution of our relationship, and a bunch of stuff started to get the second edition up, and then throw in the kids having me running every which way. Im not generally up for writing as of late.

I will prevail though. I have never not finished NaNo yet and I dont intend on making this year my first. So trudge on I shall and so shall you fellow writers!

How are you all doing by the way? How do you cope when life throws you a fastball? Leave me a message and let me know! Im sure Im not alone!


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