WIP Mondays ~ Dragon Twins

**NB: I Moved the WIP Mondays over to Tuesday this week to make room for the Giveaway of Mr. Joel Mark Harris’ book “A Thousand Bayonets”  Be sure to check out that post if you havent done so already and make sure you get your chance to win a copy of that amazing book!***

A bit of back history and back talk … Stan is at it again!



“So what do you want us to do? Check out all of his business associates and find out which one of them might have a grudge against him? A big enough grudge that they would kidnap his daughter and kill his house keeper?”

“That would generally be the whole long and short of it.”

“Yes sir. I have kind thought that was what you were going to say, but we are homicide detectives, not hostage negotiators. Wouldn’t this be better handled by those guys?”

“You Stan have proven to me on more than one occasion that homicide detectives are not just about catching killers. Instead they are trying to save lives in the process.”

Stan knew he was more than likely referring to the Lily Macklin case during which he had almost single-handedly brought down an entire cult and the cop that was covering for it. And in the process he saved Lily Macklin’s life.

“Yes sir, but in those instances we didn’t know that there was a hostage. Now we do-“

“I don’t want to hear it Stan, you and Jane are more than equipped to handle this case. I have already told the mayor that you will be making it your highest priority. He has assured me that you will be able to have all the help that you need in solving this case.”

“Well that is a comforting thought.” Stan said looking over at Jane to see what she was thinking. She was lost in her own world, reading her notes from the night before.

“Not only that but apparently when the mayor called over this morning to offer his condolences and his support, he was told that the Chu’s specifically requested that you two remain responsible for this case.”

“Really?” Stan said long shocked. They hadn’t really done anything out of the ordinary to warrant such a request.

“Yes. Apparently you made a good impression on them. They think very highly of you both, said something about good hearts or something like that. The mayor wasn’t exactly sure what they meant and he only gave me the translation.”

“The probably said that they felt that we had good chi. And it doesn’t mean heart but rather something akin to soul, essence, you get my point.” Jane said without looking up from her notes.

Stan chuckled softly. That was Jane for you little miss know it all.

“Anyway, the fact of the matter is there is no way that you guys can turn the case down, even if I would let you.”

“Ok so you want us to go through all of Chu’s business associates, and then what? There has got to be more than a few, that are less than pleased with our prominent business man. We can’t put tails on them all.”

“I fully am aware of the fact that all I am asking you to do is find the ones that might have the capabilities of doing such a thing and tailing-“

The phone on the chief’s desk rang.

“Chief Di Organza?” Tony said picking it up.

Tony listened for a moment and then said “Alright I’ll send then right over.”

Stan looked at Jane as Tony hung up the phone.

“Alright here’s the deal. There apparently was an attempted kidnapping last night about a few hours later. Same basic circumstances. Only thing that is different is that this was a foster parent and a ward of the state.

There is no immediate connections we can make with this family to Chu’s. I need you guys to go figure it out. The kid, a Julian Chan, is down at number two precinct. Go down and talk to him see what you can dig up.”

Stan rose up and turned to leave, with Jane right behind him.

“Oh and Stan? Try not to scare the poor boy away. Be nice to him.” Tony said as they were leaving his office

“I am always nice.”

“Not to me you aren’t.”

“That’s because it’s you chief.” and Stan flashed him a big grin before he slid out the door.

Stan and Jane headed back down to the parking garage where they took his car to the precinct where Julian Chan awaited them.

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