WIP Mondays ~ Dragon Twins

Hi All! This is going to be the last snipped from Dragon Twins… if you want to know how it ends you will have to wait for its release in April of 2013.

Back we go to Jade …and Ling?



She had asked for a tea to be brought to her in the library and was surprised when Ling himself brought it in to her.


“I trust you are well.”


“I’m fine. Or at least I will be when you let me out of here.”


“I am afraid I can’t do that just yet. However, I hope that you have at least enjoy some part of your day here. My associates have told me that you have spent a great deal of the day in here. I thought you might. That is why I took the liberty of having the latest books by your favorite authors brought in for you to read. Not to mention, that the kitchen has a complete list of everything you enjoy eating. Furthermore, we have the ingredients to make anything you could want, as I hear you have found out.”




“Is that your question for the conversation? Is that the one you want me to answer?”


Jade thought about it for a moment. The answer to that question could clear up a whole bunch of her other questions. That is so long as he answered it properly.


“Yes. I want to know why me and why you are treating me so nicely?”


“Ahh, my dear. That is a double question. Pick one.”


“Why me?”


“Why you? Because you are from a very important family.”


“My father is a business man. He owns a chain of supermarkets. I wouldn’t call that too important.  I hardly think that -“


“Oh but dear I wasn’t exactly talking about THAT family.”


“What do you mean THAT family?”


“Oh dear. That is another question. I can’t answer that right now. See this is what I meant about the answers. I give you more questions. I had half hoped we would not get to that point for a while yet, but like I said you are a very bright girl.”


“You bastard! You are doing this on purpose. You are enjoying it!” she spat at him rising up from her chair to go to the other side of the small room, as far away from him as she possibly could.


“I can assure you that I do not like having to keep you here like this but under the circumstances, this is the way things need to be for now. And in the meantime you can either enjoy some of the finer-“


Just then the door burst open and one of the other men who had been guarding her came in. He bowed sharply at Ling and the proceeded to speak rapidly in Chinese with him.


They were talking so fast that she could barely make out what they were saying. Whatever it was it was not making Ling happy at all. That in itself was enough to make her happy .


She sat there trying hard to listen without seeming like she was paying attention while she browsed the book shelves. It was difficult to what they were saying and try to translate it at the same time. They only words she could get clearly out of it were other and boy.


They soon finished and the man left the room.  Ling motioned for her to sit back down, that their conversation was going to resume at this point.


“I am terribly sorry that you had to see that. It would seem though that we have a problem.”


“No you have a problem Ling, my only problem is you. If it is a problem that is going to affect you in an adverse way then it is no problem to me.”


“I am sorry that you see things in such a bad light. But I can assure you that the problem of which I speak does in fact concern you as well.”


“I really don’t see how. Unless the police are coming to rescue me and you are not finished your ‘conversations’ with me yet. Then I can see how that would present a problem to me, as I surely don’t want to get caught in the cross fire when they bring you down. But aside from that, there is nothing that could concern me otherwise.”


“Well I can also tell you that the police are no closer to coming to rescue you than man is to finding the fountain of youth at the moment.”


“And I suppose if I ask you what it is that is going to count as another question of mine. I will have to wait my turn on that one as well huh?” Jade stood up and turned her back to him. She did not want to see his smug looking smile anymore.


“Oh come now we aren’t going to be a sore looser are we now? I thought we had a deal.”


“Yeah well the deal is off. I am not answering anymore of your questions.”


“Oh too bad.” Ling said as he rose up and headed towards the doorway.


Halfway out the door he stopped and turned back to her.


“Too bad because I had so much to tell you about your brother. He was supposed to come here you know, but as it would seem he couldn’t make it.”




What in the hell is he talking about? I don’t have brother. Do I?


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