Sacrifice of Innocence ~ Teaser (Part One)

Heres is the first of two teasers for the re-release of Sacrifice of Innocence! Enjoy!

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Sacrifice of Innocence

A cult has been killing children for its rituals and only one cop knows who they are. Detective Stan Brookshire knows but his past keeps people from believing in him. Can he rise above the stigma that shrouds his past and stop a cult from taking yet another innocent child from her mother’s arms before its too late?


“…We believe that we have apprehended the individual responsible for the kidnapping, rape and torture of several area children,” Jane said.

 “Is the individual being held in connection with the case Joseph Watkins?” a tall, slender reporter with bright-red hair asked.

 Stan recoiled when the camera zoomed out to fit the reporter along with the images of Jane and the chief of police standing behind the podium. Bright-red hair and an orange power suit assaulted his eyes. He wasn’t much for fashion but he knew those two colors didn’t work together.

 “Yes, that is the person we have detained pending further investigation,” Chief Tony Di Organza answered stiffly. If Stan were to ask Tony the worst part of his job, he knew the answer would be the press conferences. He wasn’t comfortable in front of all those cameras.

 “Detective Trinity, is it true that the police found a number of pornographic items relating to the missing children in the suspect’s home?” another reporter asked. Stan recognized this one. She wasn’t very tall, perhaps five feet, and her brown hair was cut short. Debra Caren worked for The Mirror. She was a ruthless reporter with little feeling for anything but her career.

 “I can confirm such evidence was found. However, we cannot confirm that it is directly related to the case at this point in our investigation. Our lab techs are still going over every scrap, trying to substantiate it thoroughly before we release our findings.”

 “Chief Di Organza, is it true…”

 The latter half of the question was drowned out by Stan’s cellular phone ringing. Before even looking at the phone, Stan knew it was Jane. Her husband, the tech geek, set a distinctive ringtone for Jane. He hit the mute button on his remote, grabbed his phone and pressed the talk button.

 “Yeah, I’m awake. What do you want?” he said into the phone.

 “Nice to know you are in a good mood,” Jane answered sarcastically. She was as close to Stan as a sister. People who didn’t know them well often looked at them like they were the worst enemies but Stan wouldn’t trade her thick derision and sense of humor for anything. It brightened his life and made it worth living. 

 “Yeah, well, the one day I wanted to sleep in, I couldn’t. So what did you expect- me to be happy about it?”

 “Oh, did I wake the sleeping giant?” she asked innocently.

 “No, I’ve been awake since five-thirty, but up since eight-thirty, catching up on the local news. You looked good up there yesterday, by the way.”

 “Yeah, sure. I looked like hell.”

 “You looked a hell of a lot better than I would have standing there beside the chief. After the first three questions, I would have probably told them to screw off and wait for the trial and you know it.”

 “True,” she laughed. “However, I wish I’d been in your shoes. You got to go home and start to unwind. I had to be in the center of a three-ring circus.”

 “Yeah, but you looked good doing it.”

 “Whatever! Look, I got a call from the chief about twenty minutes ago. He wants us in his office ASAP.”

 “Oh, come on!” Stan groaned, rubbing at the sleep that still crusted his eyes. “This was supposed to be my day off.”


Dont forget to pop by next week for the next teaser and then come back on Jan 31st for the link to purchase your copy!

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