The Importance of Editing…

As an Indie author we have an up-hill battle to fight when it comes to breaking into the field and making an honest go at being an independently published author. When someone is deciding to purchase a book they are far more likely to grab a book that has been backed by one of the Big Six publishing houses as people know that they are getting quality writing (for the most part) and at the very least even if the content isn’t perfect the editors the Big Six have on staff surely will have caught most of the ghastly errors. So when we get the chance to impress a new reader we have to make sure our best foot goes forward.

Indies however, do not have any “editors on staff”. So we, for the most part, are left to our devices and have to make sure we get it right the first time.

I will be the first to admit that I am absolutely awful when it comes to all that editing stuff. I am still learning the part of an editor. Having said that I rely heavily on others to edit for me to make sure I’m not making any glaring errors. I am learning but it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks so it is taking me a bit longer to catch on.

As if it wasn’t hard enough to be taken seriously in the first place imagine being told that your first edition, that was supposed to have been edited by your publisher, is riddled with errors. That was my reality in November of 2012. The piece that I had been marketing; the piece that I thought had been edited properly, wasn’t.

I was lucky however. I had been doing my research and had joined more than one Indie Author group on Facebook and had met a lovely lady by the name of Joni. She my dear friends is a Godsend. It took her a little under two months to plow through the entire manuscript but the notes and edits she made were impressive. She not only showed me where I needed to make the corrections but helped with suggestions and some explanations as to why.

Could not be happier with the service she provided and will recommend her, and her company, to anyone who is looking for efficient quality.

In the end it will pay off in a huge way for you if you can find yourself a good editor, at a reasonable rate. An editor like Joni who will work with you and make sure you understand everything shes done is even more of a bonus.

One thought on “The Importance of Editing…

  1. Sadly, your initial experience isn’t unusual, and thank goodness you found a professional editor who “got” you! I’ve written several blogs about how important it is to first getting a sample edit AND have an in-depth conversation about your wants and needs and your vision for your book (even if you’re only hiring for a final proofread). Here are two of those posts: “When Your Character is ‘Reaping Havoc,’ You NEED an Editor” and “I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Editor! Or Do I?” And don’t be afraid to ask for references–a good editor has many happy authors for you to talk to.

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