Q & A with Genevieve Scholl

My latest victim is just a country gal at heart! Please give Ms Genevieve Scholl a warm welcome!


4949_95705679759_2416973_nWhat would your bio say?

Everyone asks me about my BIO, but it’s not an easy answer. I always tell people that I’m just a down to earth country gal from a small New York town, who’s living the dream of being a published author.

When did you start writing and why?

I started writing when I was 7, but back then it was stories about turtles and doves and other animals. I started writing seriously, almost 7 years ago in my senior year of High School. I wrote about the bullying that was going on in school. I’ll admit that I killed off the bullies at first, but then it grew to writing stories of moving on and finding new friends and new loves… and A Mother’s Day Murder (my first book) was born.

If you are a parent how does being a parent affect your writing and writing habits? Or does it?

I am not a parent yet, but hopefully one day I will be in a place where I can legally adopt a few children.

Who is your favorite author and why?

I used to answer Nora Roberts, but- while she is an amazing author and still up there on my list- I’d have to say James Patterson. His Women’s Murder Club books just have a way of sucking me into the story and making the girls my best friends.

What do you hope to accomplish with your writing?

When I first started writing, I wanted to be on the New York Times Bestseller’s list, and- while I still want to accomplish that- I also want to write a book that someone finds worthy of making into a movie. However, my main goal, is just to share my stories and the stories of my characters with the world. It’s not about money or fame or even recognition, but rather it’s about doing what I love and sharing it with my readers.

Traditional or Self publishing? Why?

Self, because I like to be in control of everything when it comes to my books- cover, look, size, etc.

Talk about your journey into the wide world of publishing.

At first, it was difficult, but it was also my first time. I got frustrated and fumbly and had to do it over and over to get it just right… Oh, did your mind just go dirty? Oops J

Tell us about your book (s)love claus ebook cover

Well, my first and second books- A Mother’s Day Murder: Donna’s Story and A Father’s Day Fatality: Tigria’s Story- are no longer available, so I will talk about my newest release. Love Claus is about Santa Claus’s son Trent and the journey he goes on while finding his destined bride and becoming the one person in life that he never expected to be.

What inspired you to write these books (or in this genre)?

I love romance, but never have it in my own life; so I write about it. I write stories that I wish would happen to me or to a friend. I am going to be venturing into other genres, but romance is really where my heart lies, but I guess that’s true for everyone. Even if we don’t write or even read romance novels, romance is still where all of our hearts lie.

Tell us why we should love or hate your main character?

You should love Trent Claus, because he is sweet and old fashioned. Plus, he’s sexy enough to melt the North Pole.

Do(es) your book(s) have a soundtrack?

No, but I am thinking about venturing into audio.


Thanks a million Genevieve for spending some time with us! Follow Ms Genevieve on Facebook  and you can pick up a copy of her book on Amazon!

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