KDP Select Pros & Cons

For the last month or so I have weighted the pros and cons of putting Sacrifice of Innocence in KDP Select. I have spoken to a number of Indies who have enrolled in the KDP Select program on Amazon. Here is what I have come to see as the main pros and cons. Please note there could be more than this but these are the main ones that I have personally based my decision on.


*You have to exclusively list your book with Amazon. It can not be available anywhere else. That can be tough if you are trying to break into other markets.

*You are  in a contract to list exclusively with Amazon KDP Select for 90 days.


*You get a cut of a central fund if your book is “borrowed” through the Amazon Prime program. That means people who have Prime do not need to actually purchase your book in order to read it. Same concept as a library.

*You can have free days on Amazon. That means you get to promote your book and get it into the hands of a ton of people for free. We all know how awesome that is for the ripple effect!


Taking all of this, plus words of advice from other authors, into consideration I have decided to list with Amazon Prime for at least the next 90 days and see how it goes. All I will have lost will be 3 months if anything and the possibility to gain so much out weights any loss for me.

So get your Kindles ready folks! We are live on Amazon Prime! 🙂


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