Hootsuite & A Valuable Lesson Learned

As you know I am using social media as a marketing tool as well as this blog and word of mouth. Most of my marketing comes from Twitter and Facebook however

I however like a lot of indie authors am a pretty busy lady and don’t have a whole lot of extra time to do a lot of marketing during the day or even a lot of times in the evening. But I know consistency and being visible are key to staying in the game. So I have decided to give the power of Hootsuite a try.

I had been using it for organization for a while now but have been lured into trying pro for its mass scheduling capabilities. Totally should be a time saver. It was, until I realized late last week that all of the bit.ly short links I was using were broken. It took others trying them for me to know.

Turns out I had two extra characters in each tweet/post that caused the whole set up to not work.

I made the error in thinking Hootsuite would do that thinking for me. Gosh knows it went through each tweet/post to avoid duplication and avoid time slot double booking but it doesn’t check your links for viability.

Needless to say it was lesson learned. If you are going to use new applications to assist you make sure you know what all it will and will not do or at least as much as you can.

As for Hootsuite? I love it still. Its set-and-forget is super easy to use. The set up is great and it merges so many social media outlets into one.

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and on Facebook!

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