Blogging From A to Z — ‘Determined’

a-to-z-letters-dDefinition: Marked by or showing determination; resolute.

As an indie author one thing you have to be is determined.  You have to pick a goal for yourself and stick with it. Over time you may find that your goals shift and warp some but you have to stick with it. It is a long process and there may be a lot of set backs. But if you as an author want the world to see your work out for all to enjoy you have to stick with your goals and not let any set backs stand in your way.

I have had to face a bad publishing contract that resulted in a poorly edited and poorly presented first edition which I had to have redone entirely from the ground up. I had an agent who took me for 500usd (if you havent already been told never ever pay to have yourself represented. They should work on commission not out of your pocket). In the end however I have stood my ground and not allowed these things to deter me from my end goal.

Truthfully these adversarial situations made my work better in the long run.

What hurdles have you had to overcome?

6 thoughts on “Blogging From A to Z — ‘Determined’

  1. Though not published, I try and write some everyday. I find that it takes determination to keep on working, even when the end isn’t in sight. Visiting from A-Z

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