Blogging From A to Z — ‘Fear’


Definition: To be afraid.

One of the greatest troubles I’ve faced as an author is fear.

Mostly fear of inadequacy and fear of rejection.

I think at one point in time or another there is a twinge of it in all of us. We worry our piece is not enough. That the edit job missed too much. That people will hate it. That we as authors have failed in some way to live up to the legacy that other authors have left for us.

Its normal and most of the time about as unfounded as the monster under the bed but its as real as anything.

For some it is the thing that prevents us from pushing out work out into the world for others to enjoy. For some it prevents them from ever starting.

I struggle daily even though I know I’ve done my level best to ensure a great book is what I’ve set in front of my readers and even when I hear the reviews I still worry.

The more authors I speak to the more I realize that while it may not entirely disappear but it does become more manageable the longer you are at it.

What is it you fear most for yourself or your writing?

9 thoughts on “Blogging From A to Z — ‘Fear’

  1. So true. Often the fear is so strong I edit and edit and edit until nothing is left or I just delete it all. Visiting from a to z.

  2. Mostly, fear is an appropriate response that puts us on alert against real danger. When I become fearful, I tend to wonder what it tells me about myself in that situation and whether there isn’t perhaps another, more appropriate, response to what’s really going on. -Belinda [A – Z participant].

  3. So true! I think the monster under the bed can be very real – but we make it that way. Our decision 🙂 The power of the mind is huge.
    Great post 🙂
    – A-Z, 🙂

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