Blogging From A to Z — ‘Humor’

a-to-z-letters-hDefinition: The quality of being amusing or comic, esp. as expressed in literature or speech.

I love the line—“Hilarity ensues.”

It often means a good time is to be had and it is something I am not sure I could do without in my life. Which I am pretty sure has annoyed one or more people in my near vicinity over the years. Simply put I have learned not to take life too seriously. There is certainly enough serious, humorless people in this world and I dont know that I could be one of them. I just cannot see myself as that. Not to mention I have gotten quite good at diffusing tough situations with a quick well placed joke.

Thats not to say I dont have my serious side. It just doesnt hang around too long and usually my natural side takes over with some sort of joke to break the seriousness.

The humorous side of me comes out in my characters too. Stan never is too serious about anything. Hes got a huge heart and uses humor to cover for fear or anger. It irritates the serious straight laced Jane sometimes but Stan has a way of making her smile like any good partner should be able to!

Are you a humorous? Or do you prefer to be serious?

3 thoughts on “Blogging From A to Z — ‘Humor’

  1. Humor is important, but sometimes when there is a serious situation, or serious discussion among people, having one person try to be funny isn’t always well received. Sometimes it seems that person is too uncomfortable or can’t be serious about anything. The trick in life is a good balance. One can not and should not be humorous all the time, nor serious all the time. Life is like a titer totter


  2. I’m afraid I am on the serious side. Really don’t know why but a lot of humor just does not strike my funny bone!

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