Blog Highlight: Especially Eve

Heres a wee bit of a twist! This lovely blog is a moms blog as she goes through life 🙂 Being a Mom I love blogs that Moms write. Reminds me I am not alone 🙂

A bit about Ms. Eve:

“I am a married, “struggling” mother of 3 glorious children. A teenager, a Pre-Adolescent and a toddler. I use the word “struggling” because I literally struggle day to day to be the best mother I can be. My daily struggles take me through the alphabet repeatedly. I’m challenged everyday, from dealing with children with ADHD, one with multiple diagnosis’ combined with ADHD, while trying not to lose my zeal to be a mom and wife that honors the lord. Imagine all the fun I have in raising my family. Yes, that leaves a 10 year gap between the older two and my baby. I learn and re-learn new things constantly!

After I had our now 2 year old, I wanted to stay home with her. This would mean cutting our income down to just one. Financially, this puts a strain on our bank account.  I have prayed for God to help me manage my family’s finances better so that we’re not always broke and the hope of owning a home is not so far fetched. I believe God has answered my prayers and has shown me many ways to save money, budget and plan for our family’s future. One of the things I’m learning and excited about is couponing. I’m certainly not an extreme couponer but I have enough knowledge to save some dollars. All dollars saved adds up!  My couponing experiences have allowed me to save up to 100%!

Budgeting is the biggest tool I use to manage my family’s finances.  I thought I had everything under control.  I didn’t realize the significance it had until I truly learned about budgeting and put it into effect.

I hope that I can share what I have and am continuing to learn with people so that they too can experience less financial burden.

Having a child with ADHD, other mental disorders and severe behavioral issues is difficult. It certainly tests my faith, makes me question myself as a mother, and makes me feel like quitting on a daily basis. I feel like I have been trying to cope with this alone. For me, local resources or support groups for parents of children with ADHD or other mental disorders are scarce. Too often I feel like I’m on my own in trying to understand and cope with all of this.

I want to share all my adventures of being a mommy here on this blog and hope that anyone reading it will find it resourceful, entertaining and in turn, perhaps share their experiences and adventures.

I am a person who believes that everything I do is in my or my family’s best interest. I don’t let anyone else tell me different or make me feel ashamed. I know what I have gone through and what my family has been through. You may read some of my posts and disagree with choices I’ve made or feelings I express. That’s fine. I understand that everyone will have an opinion and it will not necessarily be the same as mine. Everyone goes through their own struggles in life and deals with them differently. Here, you will read about mine. Some days are filled with laughter and happiness, some have sorrows. My life, much like anyone else’s is a roller coaster….there’s ups and downs. My blog is real life.”

You can find Ms. Eve’s blog here —–>

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