Blogging From A to Z — ‘Networking’


Definition: The exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institution.

This is one topic I absolutely love. Networking. I absolutely love to do it. It is amazing fun and so simple to do.

I was a shy person, still am in a lot of ways but here on the internet there is a certain amount of anonymity for shy folks like me. I have met so many wonderful people in so many corners of the earth because of the freedoms of the internet.

I also recently have gone to a few TweetUps and some in person meetings with like minded individuals. I have gone to writing sessions, and reading sessions. Incredible, wonderful time spent just talking to others.

But most of all I have learned so much. From every corner. That, to me, is the best and most amazing part. It is the things you will learn and the things you will find that you never knew existed.  Not to mention the other talent out there that you will encounter and have the pleasure of working with.

Networking is a beautiful thing that I highly recommend for everyone. Not just authors but to people in general. Meet new people and make new friends. Learn something new.

Do you network? What do you do to network with others?

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