Blogging From A to Z — ‘Quiet Rest’

a-to-z-letters-qa-to-z-letters-rThis post is going to have to cover two days as by the time you read this post I should be well on my way to my Annual Mom’s Getaway Weekend.

It is a weekend I have come to look forward to every year. It is my great big giant reset button. It is the break I need so I can come back and be the Mom/Wife I need to be after I had a break from being the business owner/writer that takes up the rest of my time.

Not that I dont love and enjoy my life but I like everyone else need a break every so often. I cant be superwoman all the time.

Will I miss my monsters and my hubby? Of course! I miss them and they miss me.

My staff are wonderful folks and will do just fine. If there is anything it can wait until Monday for me to get back at it.

My book is on sale and should be just fine without me around.

So with that I bid you adieu…have a wonderful weekend… and if you like suspense thrillers … have a look at mine and maybe give mine a try.. its 99cents this weekend only 🙂


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