Blog Highlight: Fae Books Blogger

Another from across the pond! Welcome Sarah!  She blogs about all things indie, interviews, giveaways, reviews and all sorts of other fun things! 🙂


A wee bit about Sarah:

“I’m 24 years old, a Military Wife (Army) and living in North Yorkshire, England, UK with my husband and full time carer.
I spend my days in the bedroom mostly, due to my health, just too ill the majority of the time to do anything other than lie down, it’s awful, honestly, and I don’t go out because I’m Agoraphobic. I pass my time by reading, blogging and watching programs or movies on my phone (though I tend to read more often than watch things). I like to watch documentaries, about all sorts, and I love CSI & True Blood, I also watch Vampire Diaries. A huge part of my life are my dogs and cats, I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have their company, they offer a love regardless of what day it is, or how I’m feeling, it really is lovely and only pet lovers will understand this.
When I do leave the house, it’s only ever for a Doctor Appointment (when they can’t do something over the phone), or Hospital either for an appointment or via ambulance, and even having to attend any of those is a nightmare for me due to the Agoraphobia and Anxiety issues I have. I used to be in hospial every day via ambulance, so since getting on the right medication that helps, it’s improved and I manage to stay at home the majority of the time now.I sometimes venture downstairs, when I feel like I can, but I’m never down there for long before I need to be back upstairs to lie down, get pain relief or just get back into my safe haven which is my bedroom.”

You can find Sarahs blog here —–>

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