Blog Highlight: Pen Possessed

Heres a beautiful Mom of one, Chelsea Falin, who blogs about her books and reviews others! 🙂

A little about Ms. Chelsea, in her own words:

“I was born on June 4th, 1990 at Tampa General Hospital, in Tampa, Florida. My earliest childhood years were spent in the small suburban town of Dade City, which is located in the west-central portion of the state. My happiest memories are centered here in my home town, where I attended both Pasco Elementary and Pasco Middle Schools. To say that I was sad to leave my itty bitty home town is an understatement, but the time came when I was 12. I moved a lot during my childhood, and this move was not all that drastic. I simply relocated to the neighboring town of Zephyrhills. Zephyrhills is a lot larger than Dade City as far as the sheer amount of people living there goes. To put it into perspective for you, Dade City has a population of just over 6,000 people, while Zephyrhills has nearly 11,000. It was a lot different than I was used to, and to be honest, the two years I spent living in Zephyrhills were some of the toughest in my childhood. My family and I were consistently hungry, broke, and lacking necessities. We also lived in a crime-prone portion of Zhills, and we suffered multiple break-ins. We didn’t really have anything, so I’m not sure what it was the burglars were looking for. During these two years, however, I grew closer to my family than I could ever imagine. I attended Raymond B. Stewart Middle School, and moved on to attend Zephyrhills High School. At the end of my freshman year, my family and I made the drastic and life-altering move to southern New Jersey.

I was almost 16 when I moved to New Jersey, and for the first year, we moved a lot. We lived in Somers Point and Pleasantville, before semi-settling in the Pinelands area. We spent a year between Tuckerton and West Creek, where I attended Pinelands Regional Junior High School. We changed locations yet again only a year later, and moved to the itty bitty southern NJ town of Port Norris. Port Norris was both an exciting time in my life, and a terrible one. Port Norris was small even compared to my hometown, with a population barely over 1,000 people. There were two bordering towns- Shell Pile and Bivalve, which had a combined population of 50 between the two. I used to love riding my bike through all three towns, and I would disappear for hours at a time. The town was relatively safe, just as long as I stayed in our half of Port Norris. Being 16 and then 17, I had a lot more freedom. We were still relatively poor, but we made due much better than we had before. Unfortunately, I ended up making some rather normal bad teenage decisions. It was the usual spiel. I got in with the wrong crowd, experimented with drinking and recreational drugs, and snuck out of the house a few times. To be honest, my decisions weren’t as bad as they could have been. I was actually a pretty good kid- I just made a few rebellious decisions. Even during these times, I was the thinking intellectual my mother made me out to be. I declined casual, unprotected sex; I never had a drink and got behind the wheel, nor did I get in the car with anyone who had been drinking; the only drugs I experimented with were weed and a few low-milligram pain killers. Am I embarrassed? No. Experimentation is an important aspect of growing up, and my experimenting was done in moderation.

One night, however, I got caught. My cousin was up visiting from Florida, and the two of us snuck out of my home one night to go to a guy’s house. The guy part of the deal was for her, but we smoked a little pot and had a little beer. I feel asleep in a corner of the guy’s living room floor, and as such, we were not able to sneak home before my mom woke up. To say that ‘hell broke loose’ is an understatement. After a full blown ‘cuss out’ session from my usually sugary sweet momma, I was sent back to Florida with that selfsame cousin. They were living in Ocala at the time, and Ocala is a huge city. My cousin and I went wild for a little while. My Aunt pretty much let us do whatever we wanted to. Top priority was searching for a job, and I enrolled in a community college to get my GED. That never happened, however, because I soon decided my spurt of rebelliousness had ran it’s course. I came to my senses, but when I tried to convince my cousin to come to hers, all failed. I called my real father (my parents had divorced when I was four) and asked him to come get me immediately. He did, and I went to live with him in Brooksville, Florida. I loved where my dad lived. Growing up, I had spent every other weekend, every other major holiday, and one to two straight months staying with him- first, on my grandma’s farm, and then on his and my step moms property…”

You can find Ms. Chelseas blog here —–>

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