Blog Highlight: Jane Risdon | Author

Jane posts about (as she puts it) “my writing, things I enjoy such as photography and life in general.”

A little bit about Ms Risdon:

I am a writer of Fiction working on a Crime Novel ‘Ms Birdsong Investigates’ about a 40 something ex MI5 agent who has retired (under a cloud) to a rural village where she hopes to lose herself and anyone who might be seeking her. 

Murder most foul ensues and she finds her old investigative juices flowing once more, and her talent for surveillance comes in handy as she sets out to discover ‘who dunnit,’ and why.  Suddenly her past comes rushing back as she bumps into someone she thought she would never see again and from whom she has been hiding.

Ms Birdsong Investigates should be completed early 2013.

As well as working on Ms B.  I am co-writing a book with an award-winning author of 28 books and we hope this will be completed this year.  This is an adventure for me as I have never turned my hand to this genre before (a secret for now), but it is proving fun and we are both having to draw on past common memories, always a challenge when we all know that no two people ever view the same events in the same way!

Anyone visiting my blog over the last year cannot fail to be familiar with my Short stories andFlash Fiction pieces.  If you are new, do please have a wander around my blog and have a look.

I have had two short stories included in an anthology called Telling Tales by Writers for Welfare – this is in aid of the charity, The Norfolk Hospice, and my stories are;  The Debt Collector and The Ghost in the Privy.  Until recently this was in hardback, paperback and e-book.  However, due to various complications, it is no longer available via

The other anthology I have contributed to – I Am Woman volume one – is in aid of the charities,Women’s Aid, Women for Women and Breakthrough.  My short story (e-book) is called The Look.  This is still for sale at and

I have had two pieces of Flash Fiction published on Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog: 

The White Witch of England (2nd Dec 2011) with a Pod-cast of it on Jan 2012.

The Honey Trap published 30th Dec 2012 and to be Pod-cast 24th March 2013.

A Walk to Destiny is a short story also published on Morgen’s blog on 24th Nov 2012.

I am working on a series of short stories for a book called God‘s Waiting Room and The Ghost in the Privy is one of the stories from this series.  A departure from Crime, these stories are what I label ‘Gentle Humour’.

What with numerous short stories and two other novels in the pipeline I am a busy bee – I hope 2013 is the year I get these books out and into print.  I write mainly crime, but as you can see I also venture into humour and I have been known to stray into general fiction too…whatever inspires me.

I walk a lot and take lots of photographs and these are often what I use as visual notes for my stories.  Walking, the countryside and thinking about plots and taking photos – relaxation and fun for me, when I am not reading or writing. 

In my previous life I was in the International Music Business working with recording artists, songwriters, producers and music publishing.  It took up every second of my life (and my family’s) for decades, and so now it is wonderful to be able to spend time writing; something I have longed to do since childhood.  I have been instrumental in the success of others and now I want to be the instrument of my own success – for me, for a change.

Well, that is it about me.  I do hope you will find it all of enough interest to become a friend, and to take my journey with me.  Any comments you would like to share with me (and my wonderful followers), are most welcome.”

You can find her blog here:

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