Q & A with Rachel Sparks

Our victim this week comes from the opposite end of the country as our guest last week. Shes no newcomer to interviews either 🙂 Please welcome Rachel Sparks!


photoWhat would your bio say?

Rachel Sparks grew up in South Carolina. With a degree in Early Childhood education and one in social work, she brings those skills to the table to write stories involving strong female characters, current social issues, a sprinkling of romance and powerful storylines.

On the 2007 Preditors and Editors Readers Poll “Factor Of Love” ranked 14 out of 201 romance novels.

Rachel has appeared on WGGS-TV 16 Dove Broadcasting in November of 2006, February 2009 and March 2010

Also in March 2008 Rachel appeared on Your Carolina WSPA-TV 7.

 When did you start writing and why?

I have been writing since I was 7 years old…poems and little stories. I have always had stories running around in my head. My mom was a reader and she taught me to love to read and books.

 If you are a parent how does being a parent affect your writing and writing habits? Or does it?

Well my son is 22 now and he also has 3 published novels.

Who is your favorite author and why?

Amanda Quick…I love she has mystery along with romance in her books

What do you hope to accomplish with your writing?

That my books will help someone and also will enjoy a little romance and suspense too.

Traditional or Self publishing? Why?

Self-publishing because I keep the rights to my books and control everything.

Talk about your journey into the wide world of publishing

After finding traditional publishing with too many rules and so forth, I discovered Lulu. They are some wonderful people and publishing was a so fun and exciting.

Tell us about your book (s)

I have 8 published novels. Innocent Hearts Of Courage, Unconditional Love, Factor Of Love, Rochelle’s Life, The Invisible Child, Faith To Love Again, A Reason To Love, Love Heals The Broken…some are based on today’s time and historical

What inspired you to write these books (or in this genre)?

I love romance, mystery and suspense

Tell us why we should love or hate your main character?

My main characters are average people who go through some tough situations. I want readers to love them and root for them and sometime get mad at them.

Do(es) your book(s) have a soundtrack?  

I listen to dvds when I write.


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Thank so much Rachel for joining us this week! You can follow Rachel on her blog  or Facebook. Her books can also be found on Amazon and Lulu.

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