Q & A with K.Meador

Representing the southern most part of the USA is our next victim! Please give a warm welcome to K. Meador



Born in Jacksonville, Florida and raised in Texas since I she was four years old, K-Trina Meador is the youngest of five children. Growing up in Cross Plains, Texas and being raised on a seventy acre farm gives her an appreciation for country life and small town communities.

She had two children. Her oldest son just received his Master Scuba Diving Certification and will be pursuing an occupation as a Scuba Diving Guide and by teaching the PADI course for those future Scuba Divers. Her youngest son has graduated high school and is entering a trade school for welding.

Author K. Meador enjoys hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, photography and aviation. She is currently traveling from state to state working as an aircraft mechanic and author. Current locations include: Hawaii, Georgia, South Carolina and currently, Oklahoma.

Her first novel, Journey to Freedom, was published in April 2012. Followed by Their Journey Begins in November 2012 and Transcendence in December 2012. Most recent publication is The Knight of the Dixie Wilds in May 2013.

 When did I start writing and why?

I have always written. From a journal as a child to an adult. I won a competition in high school for a short story. I wrote poetry. But itjourney to freedom wasn’t until after my sons graduated from high school that I started taking it serious.

If you are a parent how does being a parent affect your writing and writing habits? Or does it?

I am a parent but seeing how both my children are out on their own, it doesn’t affect my writing schedule. My biggest impact on my writing schedule is the full time job I hold in addition to writing and marketing.

Who is your favorite author and why?

  • My favorite author is Frank Peretti. I love how he weaves the unseen world with the present world.

What do you hope to accomplish with your writing?

  • Honestly, I love to write so my goal is 1) bring a great story to readers and (2) make an income writing so I can quit my day job.

Traditional or Self-publishing? Why?

  • I went with a traditional publisher with my first book. I ended up firing them. They were more concerned about a “timeline” than they were about helping my book be the best that it could be. Their in house editing department was poor and their marketing consisted of putting together a press release and that was it. By the time I went through all of this I had met other authors and I learned how to self-publish. I currently self-publish and market my books.

Talk about your journey into the wide world of publishing

journey to freedom

  • I have already told you about my traditional publishing nightmare and I can tell you that self-publishing, though a challenge, has led me in the area of meeting and becoming friends with people I never would have before. It is one of the reason I enjoy being an Indie Author. More often than not, other authors are there to provide support, encouragement and to answer questions. I am blessed to have a network of friends/authors.

Tell us about your book (s)

  • My first book, Journey to Freedom, was published in April 2012. It is set in the civil war and it takes several characters through the journey of escaping slavery. Here is a few statements by readers who left reviews on Amazon:

K Meador’s Journey to Freedom is an epic tale, of love and tragedy, of want and devastation, of passion and bigotry, set in a time of shame for those with hearts unable to encompass compassion for all. What starts out as a story about a couple
Marissa and Greggory turns into an extended story of those they friend, all melding into family, where love abounds. What starts out as a search and escape for freedom twists and turns into marriage, family, separation, and ultimately finding God. It’s a sweet read, an easy read, a good family and Christian read, that Meador put her heart in to.

 Toward the end two characters come together and discuss the bible quite a bit. I found this part a bit preachy. The rest of the book mentions God but in a way that just seems conversational. Had someone told me this was a “Christian” story, honestly I 

Transcendence 2

wouldn’t have read it. That is why I wanted to give it 4 stars, but if I passed up on it for that reason I would have missed a lovely story that truly drew me in. That is why I moved it up to 5 stars.

My second book, Their Journey Begins, came about because readers asked to know more about some of the characters in Journey to Freedom. It is a short story anthology. It will also be available on Amazon for FREE starting May 26, 2013 through May 30, 2013.

The cover is a picture that I took in Hawaii on a hiking trail.

My third book is, Transcendence. It is a book of poetry that I have collected over the years. The cover photo is another photo that I took in Hawaii.

My fourth book, The Knight of the Dixie Wilds, is a collaboration with another author. My great-great uncle, Walter E. Taylor, wrote this book in 1929. Because the copyright has ended on this book, I have edited it, gave it a new cover and republished it as a second edition. It is set in the years post American Civil War. This story came about by others’ in his life requesting he pen the story. A memoir is in the back of the book about him.

What inspired you to write these books (or in this genre)?

  • The American Civil War is one of the greatest tragedies our country as endured. Being split with diverse controversial issues at hand, it is clearly a time when our Country was young. I wrote in this genre because I wanted people to remember the trials and tribulations that our ancestors had gone through – and to respect them for it.

The Knight of the Dixie Wilds front and back of bookTell us why we should love or hate your main character?

  • In Journey to Freedom, you will love both Marrissa and Greggory for their courage and bravery. I had one reader who intensely disliked Daniel. And many have told me how they hated, with a passion, the owner of Greggory. I had one reader who said that Carmen and Charles tugged at her heartstrings.

Do(es) your book(s) have a soundtrack?

  • I am working on getting “The Knight of the Dixie Wilds” and “Journey to Freedom” on audio.



Thanks so much for joining us this week! You can follow K. Meador on her website, on Facebook and her blog. Her books can be found on Amazon and CreateSpace.

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