Blog Highlight: Muriellerites

Murielle Cyr blogs about her writing progect, photos and reviews of others books! 🙂 Be sure to check her out!

A bit about Ms Cyr:

Creating an About file is always a struggle for me. There’s nothing extraordinary about my life. I am grateful to be born in Canada where devastating hurricanes, flooding and earthquakes are not commonplace and where a visit to the hospital doesn’t involve working till 95 to pay off the cost. I give thanks that I have a roof to protect me from the elements and enough food and water to keep me relatively healthy. Ordinary is a need for me; I don’t crave fame, fortune, great adventure and neon lights.

Writing is sharing; it has be an emotional and spiritual connection between writer and reader. I have written many poems and stories through the years but a lot of them haven’t survived my weeding process. In my experience, if the contents of a piece is limited to ame experience, it won’t survive very long. Once the identity crisis that inspired the piece has blown over, the work is no longer relevant. If it connects beyond the ego, it has a better chance at survival. The poems and stories that appear in this blog are not written in cement. Some will disappear when I don’t feel that flutter when I reread them.

My writing is mostly realistic but I’ve been known to go to other worlds and meet fantastic living beings. If you don’t find vampires and zombies, please don’t be disappointed; they just don’t turn me on.

I write to make connections, so please let me know if you feel that flutter when you read a post of mine.

Besides writing and reading, I also garden, do Tai Chi, some yoga, bake and make soap, salves and tinctures. Some of these things sometimes appear in my writings.


You can follow her blog here:

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