Q & A with Rhiannon Paille

Today is a personal friend of mine and another Canadian! Please give a warm welcome to Rhiannon Paille!


photo (44)What would your bio say?

My bio says: Rhiannon writes about things that were lost and while most of her books are fictional you can be sure that her characters are not—fictional that is. She has a PhD in Metaphysical Science and is a world renowned Metaphysical Therapist. When she’s not writing books she’s reading minds, singing karaoke, burning dinner and sipping iced cappuccino despite her allergy to coffee. Some day she’d like to own a unicorn—as long as it doesn’t eat her.

When did you start writing and why?

I began writing when I was eleven, on the day I got kicked out of English class because they couldn’t teach me anything I didn’t know. I had to go to library with three other class mates to do “creative writing” I wrote a few short stories, stopped when I hit ninth grade and life got really weird. I picked it back up around twenty when I had a story to tell.

If you are a parent how does being a parent affect your writing and writing habits? Or does it?

Being a parent is great. My kids want to read my books but they’re too young for them. It’s a juggling act, but my kids have learned to be pretty independent.

 Who is your favorite author and why?

It’s hard to name just one, and nope my mind is blank I can’t name just one. Erin Morgenstern, Cassandra Clare, Julie Kagawa, Maggie Stiefvater, Kelley Armstrong.

What do you hope to accomplish with your writing?

World domination.

Traditional or Self publishing? Why?

Self publishing because nobody in traditional publishing wants to work with me right now. It reminds me of baseball, I was that girl Surrender ebooksmthat was always picked last for teams because I couldn’t hit a ball to save my life. So I mean you’d keep pitching them at me, and half the time I’d duck out of the way, or swing and miss. Of course though like every underdog there was that one time I DID hit the ball, while few and far between it was a home run.

 Talk about your journey into the wide world of publishing

*falls on face* *falls on face again* *stands on wobbly legs* *fist bumps some other authors* *gracefully throws small press publishing deal in the garbage* *organizes lit fest* *self pubs fantasy series* *gets twelve thousand downloads in less than six months* *wonders how that happened* *ends up in the bathroom crying* *has another panic attack* *finishes writing a six book series* *finds out the hard way she’s allergic to coffee* *breaks out in hives*

Yeah, something like that.

Tell us about your book (s)

Integrated Intuition is a psychic development book that I wrote by accident because I got sick of repeating myself. It’s non-fiction.

The Ferryman + The Flame is a tragic love story centered around characters that are their own worst enemies. Kaliel was warned about her love for Krishani, the Ferryman. One day he will marry the land and leave Avristar forever. Kaliel doesn’t listen and because she’s a Flame, one of nine apocalyptic weapons, she sparks a war. Desperate to save her home and her love, she attempts to awaken Avred, the male spirit of the land, not knowing to do so may cost her the ultimate sacrifice.

What inspired you to write these books (or in this genre)?

I didn’t have a choice in writing The Ferryman + The Flame series. I was either going to write it or go insane from the characters attacking me. They were very persuasive.

Justice-by RIP ebooksmTell us why we should love or hate your main character?

I have two main characters, and I love them both. Kaliel I love because of her bravery and the wonder about her. Krishani I love because of his stoic nature and his sexiness.

I hate them both for what they put me through in writing their story, but then, I’m almost certain they hate themselves for some parts of that story, wow. Definitely not your everyday storyline.

 Do(es) your book(s) have a soundtrack?

Maybe . . .

Surrender by Billy Talent

Caught Myself by Paramore

That’s what you get by Paramore

Breathing by Wires by The Juliana Theory

No Light, No Light by Florence + The Machine

Help is on the Way by Rise Against

Runaway by Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs

Someone Like You – Adele

Life After You by Daughtry

Nineteen by Tegan and Sara

Scream by Usher

Monster you made by Pop Evil

Asylum – Until We Bleed by Lykke Li

The Wolves by Bon Iver

Sail by Awolnation

Dark Side of Me by Coheed and Cambria


You can follow Rhi on her website and you can find her books at Amazon:









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