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Please give a warm welcome to my second guest of the year Deborah Peters! She has some hot new releases coming out over the next couple of weeks. Be sure to stop by for more details!


picHow long on average does it take you to write a book?

It depends on whether I need to do quite a bit of research or not for it. My picture books for kids seem to take no time at all. There have been sometimes that I have written as many as 72 manuscripts in under a month. Once I get my information together for a young adult story, then they take no time at all. On a good day, I usually smash my goals that I had set for myself.

What are your thoughts on writing a book series?

I have quite a few book series ideas in different genres. I fell in love with reading books that was in series form. There have been a few of my stories that I felt couldn’t end, so became a series.

What part of your writing time do you devote to marketing your book?

I would be lying if I said I devoted 100% of my time to writing. Since I make my own bookmarks, book trailers, and post daily on my fan page; I would say I devote 80% of my days through the week to writing, typing, and marketing.

Which Social Network works best for you?


FaceBook. I had a website and I have Twitter. I have author spotlights, but noticed with FaceBook, a friend can refer it to a friend whom can refer it to a friend.

Do you have a trailer? Do you intend to create one of your own?

I did try the route of paying someone to make a trailer for me. After two attempts, I figured out how to make my own. I have one for each book I have published. I also created a Behind The Making Of The Book Videos-Where I actually talk about things that might have happened during the making of the book.

Did You make any marketing mistakes?

Yes. When I won contest money to publish-instead of marketing the first book, I published another one.

What’s your favorite positive saying?

When someone would critique my story, I would have to remember that I am an award winning author and that means I have talent. I thought about my passion and imagination. When my health was bad and how I found ways around doing things. I used my persistence to keep going. I also look back at my quote: “With Passion and Imagination, I Will Never Stop Writing.”

1381296_444972728956932_1010792870_nWhat Advice would you give to your younger self?

With persistence, you can do anything you put your mind to and don’t let anyone tell you different-not even yourself.

What Advice would you give to aspiring writers?

If you have an idea, but are afraid to try it-try entering contests. It’s okay to let family proof read, but please have a professional editor edit your manuscript for you. Finish your manuscript and know the genre and publishers that take that genre. If you need to make money, write for magazines or newspapers until you get started as an author.

Did you get interviewed by local newspapers/radio stations?

In Ohio:The Pataskala Post and Pataskala Standard, Heath News, Newark Advocate and Town Crier. Columbus Dispatch and I have been on Lancaster Talk Radio a few times. I have also been interviewed on an web cast on-line interview. I was also interviewed for an article in two magazines: Distinctive Women-online and Leading Women Across America-online and print.

Do you stew-leave it for a month and come back to edit it?

There are a few ideas that I started and hadn’t picked up for years, not months. Upon editing, I wanted to go a different route in the beginning. I work on three ideas a day to prevent from Writer’s Block, but I edit them as I go. I send to one of my three editors and they get it back to me in two weeks.

Can you tell us an amusing story?

I have more than one that has to do with my books.

In a Grocery store when I had just started out: I saw a women I went to school with and we started talking. She remembered fireplace coverhearing about the fact that I was an author. Her son was there to pick up the newest Harry Potter book. He over heard us talking about me being an author. He asked me if I had any books in his school. I had donated a few copies of one of my books to local schools, so I had said yes. He asked me the title and he said no. He asked me if I had anymore and I said yes and named them. He said he had read both in school and he loved them. The part I would never forget was what he said next. He asked his mother if he could get my book instead, if he put Harry Potter back. He had read the book he wanted signed by me. He hadn’t read the Harry Potter.

I sent a copy of my first YA Adventure book to Oprah Winfrey. I forgot all about it, until one day when quite a few friends messaged me. They were members of the Oprah Winfrey Book Club. They proceeded to inform me that book was on her must read list. SUCKER

I referred someone to their local library in Ohio. The library proceeded to inform her that they could not be checked out. When she asked, they informed her that too many of my books were stolen from their library. To protect the only copies they had, they placed them in the reference section of the library


You can keep up with Deb at any one of these fine places on the internet!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/yourjourneyawaits

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Debsawriter

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