NEW RELEASE: Touching Gloves


Touching Gloves

The life of a female fighter.

Serena Ward aka Viper Girl.

A lesbian drama based in the sport of boxing.


Serena Ward is an undefeated female champion boxer who fights under the name of Viper Girl. This story focuses on her personal background with her girlfriend Holly showing signs of unrest in their relationship. Her erratic sister Dawn finding out that her husband is cheating on her and Serena’s captivating passion for fighting in the ring.
Taking you through her training and math fights, Serena also has to deal with unexpected changes in her relationship with Holly.

Link for purchasing:

About the author
With over 20 novels and shorts published, I still have a lot more to produce. My head is filled with ideas, mostly taken from my own life experiences or my closest of friends. My work ranges from sweet Victorian romances to modern day erotic dramas and even hard-core BDSM.
I grew up in England and met my Canadian wife there. Several years we decided to move overseas to my wife’s home country and now we reside in beautiful BC with our cat Munchies.
Janice is my rock and without her, I wouldn’t have the courage to go forward and publish my writing.

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