WIP Wednesdays: Bodyguard


Hi Everyone! After a whole lot of set backs and just general losing my mojo (The muse can be incredibly stubborn sometimes!) I am back to the writing cave to finish the long awaited second book in the Den of Thieves series, Bodyguard! Here’s a sneak peak at whats coming up!


The sun was shining and the birds were churping. Olivia was having brunch at her local cafe just like she did every Saturday morning. She liked sitting on the patio in the warmer months watching the people come and go. It was a nice break from her hectic everyday as a county prosecutor.

She took a sip of her coffee just as tires screeched. Olivias head snapped up in the direction the sound came from. A dark black sedan had just finished turning the corner at the end of her street.

It picked up speed as it shot down the road towards where she was sitting on her front porch.

Then just as suddenly as it had started racing towards her it started slowing down.

The next few seconds happened in slow motion. The passenger window rolled down and a the muzzle of a gun appeared.

Seconds passed by as if they were hours. In nightmarish slow motion she watched the flash of gun going off, heard the pop-pop as it fired a seond time and felt the air whoosh by as the bullets passed by her.

Someone was shooting at her!

Olivias breath caught in her chest as she dove off of her chair to the ground as the pop-pop continued.

The bullets whized by her head striking the chair where she sat. They didnt stop. They just kept coming.



The last one found its target. Her left shoulder felt like she had been punched. She gasped in the air that had been knocked out of her and screamed.

The fire engulfed her shoulder and shot down the side of her body. She laid down as close to the ground as she could and whimpered. She could hear sirens in the background.

One of the men yelled something to the other and the car suddenly picked up speed and shot off down the road.

She didnt move. She couldnt. The pain in her shoulder was so bad she could barely catch a breath. She laid there on the ground watching the pool of blood slowly growing beside her.

She listened to the sirens getting closer and prayed they would make it in time. She didnt want to die. Not like this. It hurt too much.   

Bright lights flashed. Red and Blue. She closed her eyes. She was tired and the pain was getting too much.

“Over here! We have one down!” a womans voice called out.

She could feel hands on her. She was so tired.

She closed her eyes.

“Stay with me. Stay with me.” She could hear the woman’s voice but it sounded so far away.

She tried to open her eyes. They were so heavy she didn’t have the strength.

“Ma’am? Can you hear me? Ma’am–” the bodiless voice got further and further away with each word.

Then her world faded to black.

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