WIP Wednesdays: Bodyguard


Tough as nails. That our girl Olivia. She spends her days fighting for whats right in Lake City. Nothing stands in her way. Or does it?


Olivia close your eyes and rested her head back on the pillow. The pain coming I’m going in waves emanating from her shoulder.

The painkillers they had given her earlier were starting to wear off but as much as it was starting to hurt again she didn’t enjoy the funky feeling in her mind.

She needed to have all her faculties is she was going to figure out who was behind this.

Opening her eyes she stared at the ceiling trying to fight back the tears. There was any number of people who could have wanted her dead. It was her job to prosecute any number of negative elements that called Lake City their home. So there was any number of people in Lake City that would want her dead. We don’t know exactly who it was was going to take an extremely long amount of time and resources. Leaving whomever was behind it time to come back and finish the job.

Cheers builds up in the corners of her eyes before making their way down her cheeks.

The door open suddenly snapping her out of her saws. She hurriedly wipe the tears away before the curtains around her bed parted and two people stepped in.

“Good afternoon, Olivia woods?” The dark haired man started reaching out his hand I’m detective sand Brookshire and this here is my partner Detective Jane Trinity.”

“Detectives.” She nodded then winced, the pain moving her neck head caused to radiate from her shoulder.

“Don’t move miss Wood, we wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself on account of us.”

The woman Jane, smiled warmly at her and she pulled out her notepad and pen.

“I don’t I know you two?” The faces were familiar but the lingering fog in her head was making it hard to focus.

“Yes, miss Wood, we have probably met at some point in our careers.
Detective Brookshire shuffled uncomfortably, we need to go over a few things together.

Olivia nodded, her mind still trying to make the connection where she need them from. It was frustrating to know that her mind wasn’t up to the usual. She never forgot a face but these two were bringing the usual about was.

“Miss Wood?” Detective Trinity was looking at her intensely.

“I’m sorry my mind was wandering a little bit.” She tried to smile but it forced. “What was the question?”

“We are trying to think of a list of people that would want to hurt you or want you dead. Detective Brookshire repeated the question

“To be quite honest detective I was asking myself the same question as you were walking into my room.”

“Did you come up with any name?” The man moved forward to the edge of his seat listening.

“Detectives, I am Crown prosecutor. There is a list a mile long of people who loves to do me harm.”

“Any one that stands out as a prime suspect?”

“Not particularly.”

“Has anyone made any threats against you or your office recently?” Detective Trinity ask without looking up from the note she was making.

“You have to speak with my clerks they would know better than I would.”

“Do they handle your incoming mail? He asked.

“Yes most of it. The only time I would hear about something of that nature would be if there was an imminent threat to my safety. She sighed but I will tell you from what I understand there are any number of lunatics that have had their objections to my existence.”

“Any particular reason that stands out?” The man smiled at her description of the situation.

“Because I dress too nice, my house is to tidy. Because I put Big Brother Little Sister Mom Daughter Son Father away. Because I drink my lattes this morning from a disposable cup.” she laughed quietly.

“So nothing in particular.”

“Not really any one thing known. I’m sorry detective I wish I was more help but truthfully I’m at a loss.” She sighed heavily and winced again, “Somehow I think this will be easier to come to terms with if I could understand the reason why it happened in the first place.”

“I wish I had an answer for you right now. We are still taking to some of the witnesses who were at the scene. For now we don’t think there is an immediate threat to your life.”

“I’ve noticed the guard standing outside my door, thank you for that.”

“Your welcome however we do have a solution for you when you’re ready to leave the hospital which from what the doctors have told me I could be any day now.”

“Oh god I hope you’re not going to have one of those creepy undercover cop follow me around are you?” She groaned outwardly. The very thought of someone following her around the city gave her the creeps. Not to mention how her family and friends would react to being followed wherever they went with her.

“No, Miss Woods, given that the budget isn’t what is supposed to be at we can’t spare as many Undercovers as we might have been able to in the past. Besides that any criminal worth his salt would be able to spot an unmarked car a mile away and find a way around it.”

“So if its not that just what do you propose?” She I detective suspiciously.

“We have a team of professionals who will the sand started. Professionals a bodyguard?” She inwardly groaned and rolled her eyes to the ceiling as she tried to sink deeper into her pillow.

She like the idea even less than the unmarked undercover officer she’s just been refused. A bodyguard would be worse by far they were allowed to go anywhere or do anything. Her freedoms would be even more limited.

“Is not forever Miss Wood. The woman detective said soothingly laid a hand on her shoulder.

“There is so much for me to do everyday how can I possibly get someone to run through the chaos with me?”

“We spoken to the DA and he’s modifying your schedule-” AS he started speaking and she could feel her blood pressure is rising as she found herself tuning out the actual words he was speaking.

How dare he? who did this man think he was.

“Stop. Just stop.” She raised her right hand to silence him

“Miss Wood-” the other woman started but she only had to to throw a glance in her direction to silence her too.

“Detectives I understand you both have a job to do and I understand that part of that includes ensuring that I am no longer in danger.” She paused to catch her breath the pain in her shoulders head increased to a loud throb as her blood pressure had risen. “However I do have a job to do and one that also includes making sure those responsible for doing things like this to me and others are thrown behind bars so they can’t hurt anyone else. I have however cannot do my job if I am tether to another person or anchored in one spot unable to move for fear I might be hurt.”

“We understand that man and that is precisely why we opted for a 24 hour and a bodyguard versus the city owned and operated security detail. And nodded as he spoke we had a feeling that you would not want to be stuck in one spot and not have the ability to do things that are important to you.”

“And what you think an overgrown babysitter will do the trick?” She snorted “You are kidding right?”

The look on the man’s face told her otherwise. He was not kidding.

“I am truly sorry but this isn’t up for debate Miss Wood.” Janes said softly.

Olivia bit back the tears, her shoulder started to throb again and head swam with all the anger at her own weakness, bile rising up in her throat.

“I know it’s not what you want to here right now.”  The other woman started before Olivia cut her off.

“Really? Do you know? Do you understand what I’m going through?” She fired at the woman enough to make her jump.

Jane started to open her mouth but Olivia had enough.

“No detective. You. Dont. Know.” She spat, “You have the training and the means to protect yourself while I am now going to have to rely on some rent a cop to follow me around.”

She paused to catch her breath neither detective made a move to say the word. They were waiting for her.

“Oh and what is that going to look like to the others I work with? Or worse yet to the criminals that I am set to prosecute? The only thing they are going to see is weakness. The defense attorneys are going to jump all over this like flies to shit.”

“I get it miss Wood. But there is no other option for us. We have a duty to keep you safe and that is what we are intend on doing. I am sorry if that is not something you’d like to consider but at this point you have no choice.” Stan said to his feet.

His partner phones beeped.

“So that’s it then?” Olivia huffed.

“For now. “

“Why what else have you up your sleeve?”

“I will want to discuss the events of that morning but not today. You need your rest.” He smiled.

She could tell he was really trying to be fair but she wasn’t ready to admit defeat yet.

“Fine then.” She mumbled as the detectives walked out of the room.

As the door shut behind them the floodgates opened and she started to cry.

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