NEW RELEASE: Storm Delight, by Izzy Szyn


A big congratulations to my dear friend Izzy Szyn on her latest release with Hot Ink Press.

Storm Delight is the first book in a three book series featuring the Storm Sisters. Summer Storm is on a date from Hell. She had agreed to go out with Robert as a favor for her best friend Holly.

Enjoy folks!



Storm Delight
Robert is just as awful as she remembered when they were kids, if not worse. She decides to make the most of it and attend the dinner with Robert’s new bosses Amelia and Guy Maxwell. She decides to stay for an hour, make some business contacts, call a cab and leave.
But when Summer meets Amelia and Guy, thoughts of leaving fly out the window. The sexy couple like to share their bed with others, what was supposed to be hour, quickly turns into a night. Then a weekend. Summer thinks this just may be the relationship she has been searching for, but someone is determined to end things for the sexy triad before it has a chance to begin.
Grab your copy today on Amazon! 

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