Teaser Tuesday: Bodyguard

teaser tuesday

One more month and a hand full of days and you the latest in the Den of Thieves series in your hot little hands! Who is excited to really get to know Olivia and Bo?


Bo grabbed his bag as he stormed out of DOT. He had spent the last en minutes in his jeep going over each of the items in his pack.

He never left base without double checking his gear. He never wanted to be in a situation where he didnt have what he needed.

He had been there once before and it had cost him dearly. He wasnt about ot allow himself to be in that vulnerable position again any time soon. Not if he could help it anyways.

Putting the car into reverse he backed out of his spot and started to make his way downtown to th hospita silently cursing the rest of the team for foisting this on him in the first place. He did not want to be protecting anyone.

That wasnt what he had signed up for.

His phone rang and he glanced down at it before he accepted the call.

“Yes Cat.” He spoke

“Hi Bo.” Cats voice came throgh the cars speakers.

“What would you like Cat.” He said turning onto the main highway.

“I just wanted to see how you were doing.”

“Really? Seemed like you were of the opinion of everyone else in there just a few short minutes ago.

“Yeah, about that–” She started and then trailed off.

“Dont worry about it Cat.”

“I am sorry Bo. I guess I just got carried away in the moment like everyone else.” She really did sound as if she as being sincere.

She had after all called to make sure he was ok.

“Its fine Cat really.” He sighed as he responded. He really didnt have the heart to be mad at his best friend.

“No it isnt alright Bo. They shouldnt be putting you in a situation where you are not comfortable. Its really not fair.”

“Well maybe they are right this time. Maybe it is time I put the past in the past and moved on with things. I mean there isnt a way for me to change the past so I might as well let it go.”

“Everyone deals with things in different ways Bo, you have to deal with your things in the way or ways that make sense to you. If you arent ready for something like this there shoudl be no one out there who will force you to be ready when you arent.” He could hear the concern in her voice.

“I am fine Cat, really I am.”


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