Teaser Tuesdays: Bodyguard

teaser tuesday

Who is counting down with me? Only 26 days left to go! Last week we had a peek at our man Bo, this week lets see who Olivia is.


“We spoken to the DA and he’s modifying your schedule so he started speaking and she could feel her blood pressure is rising as she found herself tuning out the actual words he was speaking.

How dare he? Who did this man think he was?

“Stop. Just stop.” She raised her right hand to silence him

“Miss Wood,” the other woman started but she only had to glance  in her direction to silence her too.

“Detectives I understand you both have a job to do and I understand that part of that includes ensuring that I am no longer in danger.” She paused to catch her breath, the pain in her shoulders head increased to low throb as her blood pressure has risen. “However I do have a job to do and one that also includes making sure those responsible for doing things like this to me and others are thrown behind bars so they can’t hurt anyone else. I have however cannot do my job if I am tethered to another person or anchored in one spot unable to move for fear I might be hurt.”

“We understand that man and that is precisely why we opted for a 24 hour and a bodyguard versus the city owned and operated security detail. And nodded as he spoke we had a feeling that you would not want to be stuck in one spot and not have the ability to do things that are important to you.”

“And what you think an overgrown babysitter will do the trick?” She snorted “You are kidding right?”

The look on the man’s face told her otherwise. He was not kidding.

“I am truly sorry but this isn’t up for debate miss Wood.” Janes said softly.

Olivia bit back the tears her shoulder started to throw up again or head swim with all the anger at her own weakness rising up in her throat.

“I know it’s not what you want to hear right now,” the other woman started before Olivia cut her off.

“Really? Do you know? Do you understand what I’m going through?” She fired at the woman enough to make her jump.

Janes started to open her mouth but Olivia had enough.

“No detective. You. Dont. Know.” She spat, “You have the training and the means to protect yourself while I am now going to have to rely on some rent a cop to follow me around.”

She paused to catch her breath again, neither detective made a move to say the word. They were waiting for her.

“On what is that going to look like to the others I work with? Or worse yet to the criminals that I am set to prosecute? The only thing they are going to see is weakness. The defense attorneys are going to jump all over this like flies to shit.”

“I get it miss Wood. But there is no other option for us. We have a duty to keep you safe and that is what we are intend on doing. I am sorry if that is not something you’d like to consider but at this point you have no choice.” Stan said rising to his feet.

His partner stood too.

“So that’s it then?” Olivia huffed.

“For now.” The man nodded.

“Why what else have you up your sleeve?”

“I will want to discuss the events of that morning but not today. You need your rest.” He smiled.

She could tell he was really trying to be fair but she wasn’t ready to admit defeat yet.

“Fine then, go.” She mumbled as the detectives walked out of the room.

As the door shut behind them the floodgates opened and she started to cry.


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