WIP Wednesdays: Only The Willing


Ahhh I love leaving you lot hanging on the next post. You all know you’ve spent the last week wondering what in heaven on earth Stan and Jane are in for this time!


“Whats the deal here.” Stan asked as he approached. ‘Poor kid out there cant even talk about it at this point. I’m going to have to try and get his statement later, if I can get anything intelligible out of him at all. He seems pretty spooked.”

“Yes, sir. I don’t blame him, and I haven’t even really been in the room myself, but the way things smell when the techs open the door to go in and out I don’t think I would want to go in there.”

“So what do you know about the whole situation?” Jane asked, she wasn’t the person who focused on how it made the officers feel, she wanted the bare boned facts.

Stan and Jane had learned over the years that it was best to just not involve themselves emotionally with the cases that they handled, if they did they got sucked in. Then being the people that they were they had a hard time pul;ling themselves back out again. It not only ended up hurting their focus on the cases themselves but it also meant that things got rocky at home as well.

Jane couldn’t bring it home at all, she was the one with kids and a family. Even thought from time to time cases followed her home. She was lucky thought her husband Kevin was an amazingly supportive person and was able to pick up the slack with her kids and helped to ease the pain and stress of any of her moods when things got rough. Lucky for them both there was very few cases that managed to get past the armor they had managed to erect around their emotions.

But there was also times where they had to let things through in order for the case to get the attention it did and sometimes that made all the difference in the world in solving  cases. It was just a matter of being able to figure out which cases were the ones that were the ones you let in and the ones where you couldn’t if you wanted to retain your sanity at the end of it all.

“Well from what I understand there was a very foul odor emitting from the room and housekeeping, having dealt with dead bodies in the past recognized the smell and called police. The officer you were just talking to arrived on the scene first and found the body.”

“So what do we know about the victim?” Stan asked making a note on his note pad.

“She apparently was a regular here. You know the type.” He said without making much eye contact with Stan.

“So how do we know that this wasn’t a case of a drug overdose or something?” Jane said looking at the door.

“Trust me, from what I understand there is no way in hell that there that this is a case of a drug over dose. Not unless it was an explosive drug she ingested.”

Stan and Jane looked at each other.

“Alright I think we have enough information at this point to go on. We will probably need to talk to you later on if you don’t mind.” Stan said closing his notebook before pocketing it.

“Ready?” Jane asked as she put gloves on her hands and reached for the door.

“Do I really have a choice in the matter?” Stan asked as he put gloves on his own hands and followed her in.

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