Sincerely Me…

sinsundaySo I thought since I have interviewed hundreds of authors over the years on this blog, that you would enjoy hearing me answer some of the questions I have posed to them over the years.

Each week I will answer one or two questions, if you want you can leave your own questions for me in the comments and I will try and answer them in a future blog post!

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How much research do you do?

When I say a lot I mean a LOT. I have shelves on top of shelves of books in my library of nothing but true crime and the processes that are taken to ensure justice is done.

I spend hours combing the internet (reputable sites of course!) for the information I need to ensure that what I say is as accurate as I possibly can be. I may speed up the process at some points to keep with the flow and pacing of the books but I don’t bend the rules to fit what I need.

Like most things I am sure I’m not perfect but always welcome a learning experience!

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