WIP Wednesdays: Only The Willing


I love my perfectly imperfect monsters. Really I do. I often wonder what the hell I am thinking when I step into their minds, and write their story. Its really quite a bizarre head space to be honest with you, but after years of research into some real life monsters I find I can make them real enough to give you, my faithful Bodies, goosebumps!


He shouldn’t have done it.

Never had he felt the way that he did last night. It was almost as if someone else had taken over his body and his mind and he was just a helpless witness who was along for the ride.

That feeling scared him more than any thing else. He never knew how the feeling would take over him at any given time. This however was the worst episode he had had ever since he could remember.

He had killed before, after he was done with them he was not able to let them live. Not after the things he told them. They always had the same reaction to him though.

Once he told them who he was, and what he had done to the others in the past.

He was lucky though, that by some small miracle on his part that none of the others had lived to tell about what had happened to them.

If they had lived he would be dead by now. If not by some vigilante hooker or her pimp but certainly they would have found a way to hand him the death penatly. Even though Lake City was in a country had abolished that form of punishment years ago.

They would find a way if they knew what he had done.

But that was just it. They didnt know. No one did. His secret was perfectly safe.

He sighed as he unlocked the door to his office in the accounting firm he worked for and smiled at the person who called his name from down the hall.

Sitting down at his desk he looked at the pictures he had on the desk of his wife and four children. The family photo he had there looked so perfect. They were all so happy.

If only his sons and daughters knew that their daddy was a monster.

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