Teaser Tuesdays: Bodyguard

teaser tuesday

This is it folks! Only a few short days to go and you get the entire story! Who is excited to see what happens?


A doorman greeted him as he entered the front doors.

“Can I help you sir?” The older man looked at him suspiciously.

“Yes. I am here for Ms. Woods. Im sure by now youve heard whats happened. I’ll be looking after her to ensure her safety until the situation had been resolved and her safety is no loner at risk”

The older man looked at him a moment before speaking.

“We had some detectives in here already this morning asking questions.”

“Yes I know. They are the ones who hired the company I work forto handle Ms. Woods security.”

“You work for a security company?” The mans voice sounded a little more at ease but there as still a hint of suspicion in his voice.

“Give them a call if it will make you feel better about my being here. I don’t mind waiting until you have confirmed with them that I have a legitimate reason for being here.” Bo placed his gear on the ground at his feet.

“Alright Ill do that. You just wait right there.” The old man shuffled off slowly.

“Not going anywhere. Take your time.” Bo said watching him go, wondering how he was still standing. The man looked about ninety.

A minute later Bo’s cell phone started ringing.

“Jackson.” He answered it.

“You sure are causing a lot of shit aren’t you?” The voice on the other end of the line responded.

“I’m sorry?” He tried to place the voice, “Who is this?”

“Detective Brookshire.”

“Oh.” He had to smile, the man was certainly living up to his reputation, “Detective, I am sorry for the mess of phone calls you have had to field, I’m sure you dealing with enough as it is, without having to deal with this as well.”

“Its fine Bo, at the end of the day I know DOT is on the job. I think I would be more concerned if I wasn’t hearing you lot making your way around the city taking care of Ms. Woods.”

“You never need to worry. We are on the job.”

“No problem, Jane is talking to the doorman right now clearing everything up for you. Anything else you can think of off the top of your head that you will be needing? Things that I can maybe take care of ahead of time for you?”

“Not at the moment. But If i do Ill give you a call?”

“No problem, you have my number, let me know what you need.”

Bo was just hanging up when the doorman shuffled back.

“Ill take you up to her floor.”

“Do you have a key or do you need me to get on for you?” he asked as they headed towards the elevator.

“I already have one from Ms. Woods.” He said holding up Olivia’s key ring.

“Well I will see to it that you will have a copy for yourself when you leave today.”

The elevator door opened on Olivia’s Floor and the doorman lead the way down the long hall to the north end of the building. Olivia’s apartment was the door at the very end of the hallway.

The doorman unlocked the door for Bo before swinging the door open and ushering Bo inside.

Bo stepped into the apartment. Everything in the apartment was neat and in its place. It was the apartment of a highly organized individual. He had expected nothing less, given what he knew about Olivia.

“Do you need anything else from me?”

“No I think I am good for now. I have some things Ill need to set up in the common areas but Ill let you know when I do that.”

“No problem. Ill leave you to it then. You know where to find me when you need me.” The old man waved a wrinkled hand over his shoulder as he turned and closed the door behind him.

Bo heard the lock click as his guide locked the door behind him.

Taking a deep breath he turned back around to the task at hand and started unpacking his gear.


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