WIP Wednesdays: Only The Willing


And of course I cant leave you without a peek at Julian and what he is up to!


“You’re awfully quiet today kid what you got on your mind?” Stan said smoothly changing the subject and moving the focus off his eating habits onto something else.

“Nothing just heard a few things through the local grapevine and i was waiting on the both of you to set the record straight like you always do.” Julian answered staring into his milk shake as he spoke.

“Never miss a beat do you?” Stan chuckled.

“Not really.” Julian smiled, “So whats the deal with the woman they found in the motel room? You wouldn’t believe the strange and rather disturbing things I have heard today.”

“You wouldn’t have heard anything if you knew when to keep your nose off the police scanners.” Jane said narrowing her eyes at Julian.

It was another of Jane’s hopeless causes that she tried so hard to champion. Ever since they had found Julian at the scene of his adopted mothers murder he had been around them in some capacity or another. First staying with Stan to assist him in solving his mothers murder and then helping with other various cases over the years much to the dismay of not only Jane but the Chief as well.

They as a group had gotten better at hiding Julian’s involvement in solving some of the cases, but int he end the Chief knew that Julian was involved somewhere and so long as the chief could say he didn’t know and not be lying then nothing was said to Stan and Jane about it. Jane on the other hand had tried and tried to keep Julian away from police work, but in the end there was little she could do to stop the boy. He just kept poking his nose into case after case and for all her efforts to dissuade him she had to admit that he was handy when they were desperate for a break in one case or another.

Then there was the fact that the kid genuinely wanted to help, with no ulterior motives involved. And to top it all off the kid was actually good at what he did. There wasn’t a question of a doubt in Stan’s mind that if he truly wanted to he would become an amazing detective. His joining the police academy was another thing that bothered Jane. It on the other hand made Stan secretly proud. With no children of his own he had taken to the boy and was happy that there was someone out there who understood the way he felt about police work. He suspected that despite her outward disapproval of the situation Jane was secretly proud of him as well.

“So are you guys going to fill me in or am I going to have to become a psychic to figure out what is going on?” Julian asked as Holly, their waitress brought their food.

Stan looked at Jane and shrugged. It certainly wasn’t going to hurt anything to straighten a few bits of misinformation out that the boy had heard, and you never know with Julian he came up with some pretty interesting lines of thinking.

“You aren’t seriously considering telling him whats going on are you?” Jane asked her forkful of lettuce stopping half way towards her open mouth.

“Well what can it hurt at this point? He had probably already heard everything that the chief has heard and then some. It certainly isn’t going to give him any less nightmares if we straighten a few things out for him.”

“Ugh! I cant believe it! Every time we get to this point in the conversation you tell me that this will be the last time and that you promise you wont get Julian involved again. And every time the boy wonder here asks you look at me like the over protective parent and make me feel all guilty for not letting the boy in on the case.”

“Well that’s what you are, are you not? Aren’t you the bad cop in the good cop bad cop scenario.”

“Why is it that I always end up being the bad cop all the time?” Jane said stabbing at her salad with her for while Julian watched the exchange with a slightly amused grin on his face.

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