WIP Wednesdays: Only The Willing




“So where do you want to start?” Stan asked powering his computer on as he sat back once again in his chair.

“You mean you are actually going to use that thing today?” jane asked a look of fake surprise crossing her face.

“Well unbenounced to you I have taken a liking to using my computer. Ask Julian, he can tell you I am getting better at using it every day.” Stan beamed proudly.

“Well I never thought I would see the day. You really must be spending a lot of time with the kid in order for his habits to be rubbing off on you like they are.”

“Yeah well once he made me realize just how handy they were. And that they were not there to make our lives harder, then I was able to put my reservations on hold long enough to learn more about the damm things and how to use them to help whatever investigation we are working on.”

“Ill be dammed. Not in a million years did I think that you would be one who would eventually convert into a computer user. Not with your inherant distrust for them.”

“Oh I dont trust the dammed things. Dont get me wrong, I back everything up from here to Sunday, but at least I am using them more than I did. Actually I think thats where I got that bit about the red headed ressive gene.”

Jane nodded.

“I even have a facebook page and am on twitter.”

“You have a facebook? are you serious Stan?” Jane asked her eyes wide, “wait never mind I really dont want to know about it. Lets just get back on topic.”


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