WIP Wednesdays: Only The Willing


Monsters lurk everywhere…


As much of a monster as he was he had been the best father he could for his kids and they loved and adored him for it. He couldnt risk loosing them. Not for all the tea in china as his grandfather would say.

He had though in the past about going to talk with a shrink about the things that were going on inside his head. They were not permitted by law to talk about anything that was told to them in confidence by a patient. There however was one downfall to that as well. Any shrink worth their salts would do everything they could have someone like him committed.

Again that was something that he would never be able to allow to have happen. It would take his kids and wife away from him.

There was also the fact that even thought there are laws in place to stop people from talking there was also the chance that despite their code of silence they would talk, and then the police would be watching him and his movements.

Again something that would not work very well to his advantage.

At some point though the truth was going to come out. He had been lucky at this point that for all that he had done he had left nothing behind that would be able to identify him. But he kept on loosing control like he had last night he was bound to make some mistake some where an that would be his undoing.

No he had to be more careful. He couldn’t allow the rage to take over like it had last night. Truth be told the whole episode had left him shaken let alone with a massive pounding headache.

But when he had seen her walk into the coffee shop he had known just what she was. Her red hair had given it away. And then hen she had sat down at the table beside him and tried to strike up a conversation he had known without a shadow of a doubt that she was no better than his mother was.

She had been someone the world could do without.

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