Sincerely Me…

sinsundaySo I thought since I have interviewed hundreds of authors over the years on this blog, that you would enjoy hearing me answer some of the questions I have posed to them over the years.

Each week I will answer one or two questions, if you want you can leave your own questions for me in the comments and I will try and answer them in a future blog post!

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Do you write every day, 5 days a week or as and when?

Most days I try to squeeze in some time, but with my chaotic world sometimes a week or two will pass with nothing written. Also seasons affect my productivity as well. I tend to be far more productive in the winter time than I am in the summertime. Summertime I can be found roaming far and wide with the pup and the rest of the family as we tend to hike and camp a lot when the weather gets nice.

Although I have to say there have been more than a few times that the muse has grabbed a good hold on me in the middle of no where and I have binge written well into the wee hours of the morning in a notebook.

Thats the other thing; I never go anywhere without a notebook. You really never know when your best bits will hit you. So yes I write almost every day, but there is no strict schedule for that writing.

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