WIP Wednesdays: Only The Willing


While Stan, Jane and Julian tend to make a formidable team, that doesn’t mean that they are perfect and don’t fight.


“So are you guys going to fill me in or am I going to have to become a psychic to figure out what is going on?” Juilan asked as Holly, their waitress brought their food.

Stan looked at Jane and shrugged. It certainly wasn’t going to hurt anything to straighten a some of the misinformation out that the boy had heard, and you never know with Julian he came up with some pretty interesting lines of thinking.

“You aren’t seriously considering telling him whats going on are you?” Jane asked her forkful of lettuce stopping half way towards her open mouth.

“Well what can it hurt at this point? He had probably already heard everything that the chief has heard and then some. It certainly isnt going to give him any less nightmares if we straighten a few things out for him.”

“Ugh! I cant believe it! Every time we get to this point in the conversation you tell me that this will be the last time and that you promise you wont get Julian involved again. And every time the boy wonder here asks you look at me like the over protective parent and make me feel all guilty for not letting the boy in on the case.”

“Well that’s what you are, are you not? Aren’t you the bad cop in the good cop bad cop scenario.”

“Why is it that I always end up being the bad cop all the time?” Jane said stabbing at her salad with her for while Julian watched the exchange with a slightly amused grin on his face.

“Because you are so good at it my dear. Besides you wouldn’t be happy if you weren’t taking care of some one or something. Seriously.”

“Whatever. You go ahead and do what you want. You will anyways regardless of what I say so I don’t even know why you bother asking me for my approval.”

“Well it would be nice to have the support of my partner in the decision I may or may not make.” Stan said trying hard to keep the irritation out of his voice. Some times Jane could annoy him when she went off on one of her self righteous rants.

“Yeah well I would certainly like it if my partner would at least try to respect my wishes, especially when my wishes pertain to the disclosure of information about a case we are working on. Seriously Stan.” Jane jabbed her fork in his direction.

“Now wait just a minute Jane I never–” Stan started

“Would both of you just cut it out! I’m sitting right here you know and listening to you is starting to give me a headache.” Julian said putting his hands up to silence the both of them. “Now look I understand why you don’t want me to know things about the cases you guys handle but at the same time, we all know if I can be of assistance I will be. Now from what I have heard this is turning into a pretty nasty sounding case and you are going to want to wrap it up as fast as possible. That being said I might be able to help in some way or another. But if you don’t want a lowly academy type helping you out fine. I get it. But you guys shouldn’t waste your time arguing about whether or not to fill me in on the details of things. Last check there were bigger fish for you to fry out there.”

Julian finished speaking and stood up grabbing his back pack and laptop, making like he was going to leave.

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