WIP Wednesdays: Only The Willing



Stan and Jane are always driving the Chief nuts… but the Chief also knows there’s no one better for the job.


“What in the hell is going on here?” Police Chief Anthony DiOrganza roared rising to his feet. He certainly looked like an imposing figure as he stood there with both fists clenched and holding him up on his ornately carved oak desk despite the fact that his whole office with its flags flanking the desk and the faux wood paneling on the lower half of the walls looked like a throw back of decades before.


The chief had more than once bitched and complained that he hated the way his office was decorated but he was also the type of man that would never even think about spending a penny more in tax payer monies on redoing it to a more subdued decor. He was not someone who ever wanted to be accuse of wasting money on something as frivolous as that.


“We are not exactly sure what it is that you are talking about.” Stan said taking his customary seat in front of the desk, Jane taking hers next to him.


“I have heard nothing but nonsense from the floor. If you guys cant keep your traps shut long enough to get the job done then–”


Jane was about to say something when Stan held his hand up to stop her.


“Look I dont know what it is you have heard but you can bet on the fact that it didnt come from us. We are the last people who would ever jeopardize a case by spilling information to the wrong people. You of all people should know that.”


“Well then where in the hell is all this bullshit coming from?” Tonys eyes glowed with anger.


“We dont know. If we knew it was happening you would be the first person to know about the leak. You know I cant stand people who cant keep their mouths shut.”


“Well I dont care what you say if you ha head the things that I have in the last hour and a half you would be absolutely furious too. Its incredible the things that are being said. No one knows what to believe thanks to all of this.” He rattled on as he picked up the report that Jane had placed on the desk in front of him.


He sat there in silence as he read the report. Stan glanced over at Jane and mouthed the words, What in the hell is he on about?


When Tony was done he put the pages down and rubbed his face with both hands. His age was starting to show more and more with every case. Stan almost felt sorry for him, he could only imagine what the man had seen in his almost fourty years on the force.


“I dont even know where to begin.”: Tony started, “Except to start by saying I am sorry I blew up on you both like that. If I had of known that there was any truth to the rumors that have been flying around here I would have never even thought to say anything to you both about it.”


“Its alright, the whole thing feels very surreal to us as well boss. Dont think anything of it. Believe me when I say if I had of been the one sitting in your shoes listening to the information second and thrid hand I would have more than likely thought the same way you did. That someone out there was trying to start something. As it is if I hadnt been there myself and seen what I did I wouldnt have been able to believe it either.” Stan said running his fingers through his hair again.


“And you are sure that the information in this report is completely accurate?” Tony said picking up the papers again.


“To the best of our knowledge at the time of writing that report it is.” Jane said finally finding a way to work herself into the conversation again.


“Which was about a half an hour ago and we havent had a chance to touch base with any one from the lab yet and the coroner said he more than likly be able to give us anything more until much later in the day. Which leads me to believe that even if we were able to contact the labs they wouldnt have anything more to tell us yet either.”


Tony said nothing and nodded going back to the papers once again.


They sat there in silence, each on lost in their own thoughts as they sat in silence.


“So what do the two of you make of this whole thing? What are we looking at here?”


“To be honest we are not completely sure what it is. We know for sure that the motive behind this was probably not robbery as she still had her wallet, id and a small wad of cash. And besides this has all the ear marks of a crime of passion and not something else. Someone out there hated this woman enough to almost cut her to ribbons.”


“So what do you think Jane? Boyfirend or husband?”


“Not likely sir. A husband I mean. She didnt have any wedding rings on her fingers and we didnt find any pictures of her with any men in her wallet. Most women if they are married have at least one picture of them and their beloved. She had nothing. Which also leads me to believe that there is more than likely no boy friend either. Again for the same reason. Most women like to show off the fact that they have a significant other in their lives. Same goes for women who have children. I dont think this lady had any. We will be able to confirm that once Doc Williams gets through with his end of things.”


“Ok thats good. Always good to be able to try and narrow things down a bit.”


“That doesnt mean that we wont be looking into a boyfriend or even a husband angle. But we both agree that its unlikely.” Stan added.


“Well I tend to put a lot of faith in Jane and your judgement as it usually turns out to be fairly accurate. I wouldnt be surprised that you are right again here.”


“Well as I said we will be double checking, you never know she could have been one of those private type people who just didnt want the world to know anything about her or her life. It wouldnt be the first time that we have come across someone who went against the gereral sociaital norms.”


“Thats right. Then again this whole thing could have somethign to do with her profession.”


“That again is true, she could have been having an affair with one of her coworkers and that may have turned sour. Maybe a jealous wife?” Stan said without thinking as he made notes in his notebook.


“I was more thinking along the lines of prostitution Stan, but you are right I could be wrong about what she does for a living.” Tony said with a grin as Stan looked up and realized how dense his last statement had sounded.


“Yeah there is that too. Sorry wasnt entirely paying attention to the conversation, was trying to work my head around a few things, thats all.” Stan replied as he felt the blood rushing to his cheeks.


“Stan has a point thought. We could have this all wrong. She might be a regular there like the motel manager, whats his name said, but he doesnt know what it is that she is doing with the room. He could be the one who is all confused.”


“Shes right.” Tony said looking at Stan. “We all could be looking at this all back wards. How do we know at this point what she was doing there. All we can do is guess and speculate as to the reason at thsi point. That is not going to get us anywhere at all. Best thing we can do is just go over all of the basics and then plot a good way of going about ruling some of these scenarios out.”


“Definately. Even though I hate the reason why we have to have these talks I totally enjoy them as it is always nice to have a fresh set of eyes looking at things. We you end up eating, sleeping and breathing a case it ends up being hard to see the forest throught the trees. No matter how good of a detective you are.” Jane replied as she scibbled furiously in her note pad.


“So how are we going to go about this and when should I be expecting to hear back from you both?”


“Well you know us Tony, you will find out things when we do. There isnt a point of callig you just to tell you that we dont know anything new.”


“well i am glad that you are not going to hound me with nonsense, but I think you should be able to rule some of our scenarios out this afternoon at some point and then once you hear back from the Doc you guys can check in, either in person or from the road if you have to to let me know how things went and with what direction we are going to proceed with this investigation.”


Both Stan and Jane nodded as they stood up and gathered up their things before heading towards the door.


“One more thing.” Tony called after them, “I want to make sure you both make time in the next week to go and talk to Mildred.”


Stan mentally smacked himself in the head. He had forgotten to give the young officer back at the crime scene the departments psychologyst’s phone number.


“Yes sure I am sure she will be seeing us at some point soon.” Stan said grinning, he knew that it would take much more than they had seen this morning to make them go to see Mildred. Not that she wasnt an amazing shrink who know full well how to handle people like Stan and Jane, it was just that Stan and Jane over the years had found other, more effective ways of coping with on the job stress.


He quickly gave Tony the young officers information and asked Tony to make sure that the young man got the help he was going to need to deal with what he has seen this morning.


And then Stan turned and quickly followed Jane out the door.


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