WIP Wednesday: Dark Horse I: Ruin


As I have been sharing a lot of Only the Willing lately I thought I would let you have a peek at some of the other books coming out this year! Dark Horse I: Ruin is the start of a Stan Brookshire spin off trilogy. Enjoy!


Morrigan wiped the tears from her cheeks. It wasnt the first time in the last two days that she had found tears falling from her eyes as she tried to mend the pieces of her broken heart. She had told herself over and over again that it wasnt worth her tears that she was far better off this way bu no matter how hard she tried, no matter what she told herself it did not change the way that she felt.


She missed him and wished she knew a way to bring him abck.


Eric had walked out of their apartment two days before. He hadd said that he was going to the store for a pack of cigarettes and he had not returned since.


At first she had been worried. They had been going theough a rough patch and she was worried he had dome something irrational but that had been quickly put to rest. A few hours after he walked out.


One quick phone call to a friend informed her that he was in fact safe and sound at another friends home on the other side of the city. That call had also brough the crushing reality home to her as well. He wasnt going to be coming home to her and he did not want to discuss it with her either.


She had begged and pleaded with ehr friend to help. As it turned out the friend did not wal to get involved and if morrigan could please not all bak ever again.


Every door she had reached for she found slammed in her face or she was met with sympathetic but useless words.


No one would help. No one was willing to tell Eric he was wrong or question his decision.


She was almost completely alone.


The one bright spot in her life was her son Matthew. Just over a year old he was the apple of her eye. The reason she got up in the morning. He was the reason she kept fighting to hold her world together when everythign threatened to pll it apart.


Every morning sicne Eric had left she had forced herself out of bed, forced herself to keep up with the routine she had set out for Matthew. Matthew didnt deserve to suffer for the problems she was having, she had decided. He deserved only to have the very best
Truthfully however the routine was a great source of comfort for her as well. Each movement, each task was one that she had done countless times before. One that her body knew by rote and it allowed her to eep herself just busy enough to keep her from thinking too much.

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